Just another censor/closed important thred !!!

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  • Just another censor/closed important thred !!!

    I dont know how you guys but that for me thi is scandal. Mods keep closing IMPORTANT thread about tera using such lame excuses like "will close this thread at this point now before this turns into spam." That is really hilarious.
    For me you mods won, i quit for good. Have fun in this sh*** what you call tera.
  • Agree with the OP, the censor is real.

    Vayus wrote:

    I will close this thread at this point now before this turns into spam
    The thread was open for free discussion between the forum users, it is not a decision of any moderator whether it should be closed or not. Specially when there was no spam or off topic. Then you wonder why threads like these pop up.

    Same happened here:

    Shiro wrote:

    Andrea already answered these question here: GameForge when you will do something about PROXY & HACK in your game ?
    It's sad I know, but there are currently no news about the proxy tool. I will forward this topic (again) but I will close this thread. We will re-open it if we have news.

    They are handling threads as if they were support tickets, closing and giving the idea of a future reply to the problem LOL... Threads being open in the discussion group are getting closed left and right and not letting users do what they exist for, and what this Forum exists for, open discussion...

    If they want to close threads so badly, start closing inactive old threads, not recent active threads.