Dreadspire Reset Scrolls

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    • F5 Loot is fine as it is, it's still kinda challenging and 1 minor fk up from someone can cause a wipe. F10 Loot is a joke imo. The 2.0 is nice for your alts if you clear it but besides that it's not worth it. They should change the loot from 1-4 and 6-9 also, remove all the HP pots etc. and just add tokens where you can buy items from the shop, this way atmorph could add nice items to the shop and even if you cant beat f5 you could basically grind your way to the items you want with just farming 1-4(like putting a 1.5 mount in it or some costumes).
    • In Europe there at least 5 groups that are able to clear Manaya (if they stop being greedy at Darkan tbh)
      DPS Tier-List
      Top-Tier: Archer/Gunner/Reaper
      Mid-Tier: Warrior/Valkyrie/Sorcerer/Ninja
      Low-Tier: Berserker/Slayer
    • tobtheking2 wrote:

      Clear F10 no matter which tricks they use.
      Welcome to Tera 2018, where Gear, 2.0 Crit-revive-me-automatically-Mounts, lots of other P2W-Sh** and a number of "semi-legit" tools seem to be mandatory to clear the content.

      Aside from that, grats to everyone who cleared Tower so far or is close to do so. As far as I've seen, these are almost only people who are playing Tera quite a while now and do not compensate lack of skill with Gear.
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