Moderators, their real job and why you are trying to silence us?

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    • Nah they wont wake up.. They will pick 20 ppl on stream today, give em 7 days costumes and whoilaaaa... Demons Wheel comming back with non tradeble snacks as rewards and 200 exp probably..
      Doesnt u see as fun guys? I rly see it funny and entertaining..
      I just wait to come home, log in so i save my buff for log in thing, open TC box, check lfg (empty) and log out..
      Thats how game is today and no its not Bluehole fault its GAMEFORGE fault..
      Some time ago Tera was a game.. Nowadays its proxy bullshit!
    • Moler wrote:

      He was posting in English in the German/French subforums. Even though there is a rule stating that forum moderators are obliged to translate his posts into the subforum's language in case the poster can't speak the given language properly, they just banned him. He's trying to explain their own rules via support (he got Burrito to reply) to them right now lol.

      From Forum Rules:

      Vayus wrote:

      13. Although we have Moderators that speak all 3 languages of the community it's quite annoying for them to have to move around threads or posts opened in the wrong sections. Yes, mistakes can be made and we will not hang you for that, but please make sure it does not happen too often. If you are not able to communicate in the language of the section that you are checking (let's say you are German or French and your English level is good enough to understand but not reply), please make a short answer in your own language and ask a Moderator of your language to translate your message.
      No they are not obliged to translate, at least not without being asked to do so.
    • Alright, I PM'd Vayus on Wednesday morning, to which he still didn't reply. It's Friday afternoon now.

      So why do you tell people to PM you instead of opening threads? Seems like you ignore PMs. While threads get all your attention and get closed/moved almost instantly.

      If this isn't a way to silence people without any traces, I don't know what it is. Sadly I can't even share you the conversation (it's a really simple one line question aimed at mister Vayus) because it's against the forum rules. I'm thinking about PM-ing @Athena, because the forum admins are unresponsive.

      edit: I'm gonna show you anyway, maybe they'll take long to edit it out

      Conversation removed. | Vayus

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    • @Moler: Well, the admins and moderators do their job in their freetime (among work, school or study), so they cannot be online 24/7 and take time to handle everything at once. Just have some patience, they will respond to your message. Tickets are handeled within 48 hours, so your request is still within the timeframe.

      Best regards
    • Just because an admin doesn't answer instantly doesn't mean they were ignoring you. Good work often takes its time. Vayus is probably just currently busy, so he does not ignore you. :)

      Best regards

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    • Bakekitsune wrote:

      Have you forgotten that moderating is not the job those guys get payed for? Be patient, they are doing this in there free time...
      Nobody is complaining about their legit moderation activity. The gist of the problem comes with the things they do, which surpasses their responsibilities and rights. Furthermore these actons of theirs keep going unsanctioned.
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    • Vayus did say that moderation is done as a team effort, so it might not be all that far fetched to assume that they need to assemble the hive mind in order to speak out on this, even more so when we consider that they have a couple of repeat offenders that have been reported to more than one CoMa with little to no subsequent actions taken. There is one board admin that comes to mind, who should be out of commission since mid 2016, but is still around and still keeps up the thin skinnery from time to time. Don't forget that following the rules and over representing the company interests are two entirely separate venues. It's one thing to mute/ban someone for breaking a rule and a completely separate thing to mute/ban them cause their narrative can't be riposted and is detrimental to the company's image, be it from the position of a newcomer or an older player. If they can't follow the rules that they try to enforce, why do they expect anyone else to do so? Hipocrisy at face value...

      [Edit] I'm not even going to go into details when it comes to thread handling, cause the list of shady activity is pretty long.
      Don't argue with the walls...
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