Crossserver LFG pls

    • Crossserver LFG pls

      As title says, I would highly recommend implementing a Crosserver lfg to help people finding others faster.
      LFGs for instances are similiar on each server because normally the english letters are taken.

      I've seen so many people searching for hours the past weeks and using discord to find mates which is kind of annoying.

      So let us see lfg of all servers and let us invite other servers people like it's possible when we use tool. If it would be possible, let us inspect each other crossserver as well!
      You could tag each lfg posts with a "YU", "KI", "SE" ...and so on (servername), to let people know which language they should use in party and ts/discord.
      Tool itself is a bad idea because people need to do tricks to get around that 453 gs lvl of AAHM. And it also needs conversation through lvl 1 chars on other servers or discord as yea...
      I'm sure this would improve ingame experience a lot...

      @Athena pls ask for it :elin27:

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    • It would be great if they will add options to make party with ppl in other servers. It's tilting when you wanna go with friends from other server, and you need im for 30 min and kicking ppl to find person which with you wanna go.
    • PLS add crossserver for dreadspire....!!!!!
      No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.
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    • Still same situation.
      For an instance you need 3x DD, 1x Tank and 1x Heal.

      Checking the lfgs on Yurian the past weeks:
      -LF Tanks
      -Lf DDS
      but LF Heal lfgs are very rare...

      And it sucks...healers have dd alts, so they can run anything. And then you make everything usefull for your main worthless by making it unbankable...
      If you can't change it, then insert a bankable token which lets us change items for it, and then rechange on our mains...

      So at least give us Crossserver lfgs finally...I don't wanna have to search on discord allways...imagine if we wouldn't have discord...