• Hi, a question I wanted to ask and that I have something insecure. It turns out, I was playing with my friend as we always do and the archer does not end up much to like. The thing is, I want to continue with my Valkirya and help her new character. The question is as follows, as I am at level 39 I think I remember, if with my missions I help her to move up the level faster, will she have the same missions as me at the end or do she have to go step by step to get to where I am? Thank you very much and forgive my stupid question.
    • Hello,
      sadly you can't help her. I think if you're ~5levels higher she won't get any exp(or just a very small amount) when u are in the grp.
      Also she is not able to skip quests, because the storyline works for everyone on their own.

      I hope I was able to help you and dont worry, leveling up to 39 shouldn't take too much time.
      Just queue the dungeons and spamm them so she will be 39 quickly. Also don't forget to use exp boosters, that helps a lot.
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