Battleground Rankings - Season 5

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    • Om3Ga wrote:

      If your team would have way more kills there is no chance the enemy team can win. Kills = Points = Win. Simple as that.
      Same counts in Skyring. Kills = Win.

      And CS like i said is different, it is more objective but kills are very important because it buys time for your team. And the battle for time in CS is the #1 thing you should do.
      I never said leave your ladders free or don't do any CS objectives.

      You guys are just creating your own fantasy world in which you are doing good even if you have shitty K/D.
      LOL, please tell me who are you ingame so i know with which legend i am talking.

      Man, youre the typical example for a brainless player. For a player who is splitting in Fw cause you hunt a lonely guy while Rest of Team is dieing, for a Player who is flaming inners in cs while He wanks on his KD in the ranking. WAKE up, KD says nothing about skill. You talk like u are a pvp legend so lets do an 1vs1, i dont care which class you are, just Show me your KD skills.

      Players like u, who are hunting for KD, are the reason When one Team is losing the midfight while the other Team is same strong, cause you play without brain.

      So When i annoy enemy healers in mid, so they cant heal and heros like you wank on their KD So they are able to kill someone, you want to say me i am bad, cause i have a bad KD cause i focus healers?
    • /popz
      Discussion is becoming interesting, monkas on fire!

      Just to remind the only good zerk since season one was Buscus rest of you are all garbage carried by broken class, no offences.
    • Om3Ga wrote:

      Excuses. If you are so good why you don't kill instead of just "distracting" them. Makes no sense.

      ppl come to the forum and talk about how kills are not a factor simply don't have skill.

      Terrark wrote:

      lol good luck winning a battleground without killing
      Typical forum wannabe pvpers
      Seems like you both never did any pvp.
      Discussion ends here.
      One wants to kill a healer in 15vs15 instand and other one just talking garbage.
      Btw. you guys still didnt told us who you are, since i never recognize your names in any battleground in tera history.
      But yeah, typical forum wannabe pvpers.
    • Om3Ga wrote:

      This is the biggest bullshit that i hear in Tera all the time. Just excuses of lowskilled players that can't get enough kills and die all the time.
      How can you win a game in FC or Skyring if your team can't get kills? Total bullshitty excuses.

      Even in CS you need as many kills as possible without dying much, the more kills you get the more the enemies waste their time while they are dead waiting for the spawn-time to run out so that they can do something productive again.
      And everyone knows here that CS has objectives, but obviously you need to also attack the opponents otherwise the enemy team is just going to win without resistance.
      ♠ Sync and Cheat with 3v3 PL points and cheat are skills now ? ♠
      - Glad Om3ga you make me confirm that not only Humans can play this game .

      ♠ Dropout Manager
    • luckywise, kills are not the whole pvp-essence. its nice to have kills and good fights BUT it should be possible to win rounds WITHOUT kills. thats a old story (remember oldschool counterstrike where you could win rounds without any enemy-contact)

      i just throw in a raw-idea

      maybe anything like this for counting rank:

      +10 points for a winner round
      -5 for loser round
      0 for draw
      +3 points for kills
      -3 for death
      +2 for assists/heals(?)
      +1 for joining running round
      +6 points for doing objectives
      +3 points for support doing objectives

      Above all, it should count the activity. it can not be that someone plays 150 rounds and at the end of another one is rated better with 20 rounds

      etc ... maybe there are some better solutions
      but ... hopefully GF/BH are interestet in improve pvp-fun
    • Om3Ga wrote:

      But Tera is not Counter Strike.

      If your team don't get kills in Fray and Skyring you lose, just like Terark and Freundlich said. End of story.

      ps: forum pvpers hits them hard :lol:
      Man so many words are spoken and you still dont understand the difference between kill people and play for KD.

      Okay wait, explain me now how you want to kill someone in skyring if your mate dont annoy enemy healer? Same for FW. And why should you get more points for your KD When others do this important Job. Dont tell me you can solo skilled healers in skyring.

      And stop try to trigger with "forum pvpers" cause the only one where this fits is you atm.
    • buschfunker do not worry you and your low friends do not have to que for a bg.
      just login to forum and pvp here.

      Every normal person knows that kills are important but guess what. when someone is a noob ofc he is going to say kills dont matter. Like you for example.
    • Ah okay, offer for a 1vs1 still exist. Do you just "login to forum and pvp here" or do you have balls?
      Nice words mate, same anonymous like omega.

      And seems like youre on the same IQ level like him, cause i never said kills not important, i just said i gave a fuc about your KD. Not my problem when you dont understand how a team-bg works.
    • what is there to argue here. kills are a part of the competition but fortunately not everything.

      In the skyring, kills have a higher priority, but if it comes to a draw after 6 minutes, survival was just as important .

      in Corsair, kills are not the only key to victory. For weaker teams it is a blessing if you can win the round in other ways.
      in the canyon you can also win by smartness and play out the stronger team.

      and we all know well enough ...

      does not argue about the importance of kills but rather hopes that gf / bh wants to develop a more meaningful ranking. On the other hand, the ranking is just as unimportant as kills, rewards or general names of individual player
    • @Buschfunker: So what is your point?
      Nobody said "don't play objectives". And nobody said "dont play as a team".

      I said kills and deaths should go into ranking. If you get 10 kills in FC and get 0 deaths you clearly got big points for your team.

      What do you not understand? Or you understand but just play stupid.

      And now you say that you haven't said nothing against kills but right after that you say you dont care about my K/D ratio?
      You do know that my K/D ratio also shows how much i helped my team in Fraywind for example, right?

      Your fantasy world arguments just don't fit together.
    • Om3Ga wrote:

      I said kills and deaths should go into ranking. If you get 10 kills in FC and get 0 deaths you clearly got big points for your team.
      Thats just not true.
      That just shows your push the right button in the right moment. When i damage the enemy 90% of the HP and you just wait for your moment you will get the kill even if you just did nothing helpfull. And dont tell me those players dont exists, nearly everyone is doing this to wank on their KD.
      And you guys would never kill anyone if you dont distract the rest of the enemy team, especially the healers. So in your ranking all those who do the dirt-work wouldnt profit from a KD based ranking. And we didnt even talked about those classes who have to do more to kill then an archer, zorc or gunner.. What should warriors, ninjas, tanks or healers do in your ranking? A Nunja can save the whole team at enemy giga, so He did a great job but he cant kill anyone cause of low dmg, so should He become less points?
      KD based ranking is just a joke to all who do a good job.

      When i want i have a 100 : 5 KD in Fw like deflay told, but it dont makes my team winning.

      Btw. Nice you both ignore question for a 1vs1 but judge about my skills at same. Logic?
    • BTW guys you are all pathetic idiots ^^

      Leaderboard will always be meaningless until they fix the match making shit *.*

      Even if they fix it, as @Buschfunker explained, you can't measure how effective a person is in the bg, so you will just try to estimate it by wins and loses aka another meaningless leaderboard and the RNGesus will always be satisfied.

      If you can find another estimate for how effective a person is, then you solved an NP problem.

      So what should you do now?

      Accept that you are a pathetic idiot and work to not be one ^^

      And yeah, in bgs go for kills and trolls. This has more meaning. If you like leading then do it, but if you not born leader like @ssion and you get stressed when ppl are idiots then dont do lead.

      Tera has huge PvP potential but @Gameforge and @BlueHoleStudio sux ^^

      Btw @Athena will we ever get a PvP event before we grow old ^^ ? Ain't it enough with the PvE shit *.*

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