Sorc Awakening

    • Sorcerer

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    • Buschfunker wrote:

      Today, a 436 warrior onecombo my 454 archer. Peace
      i hope u understand why i complain about tera 2k18 One shot edition...


      Awakening Sorc :

      Enhance Ice Spear - Enhance Ice Spear's surface with Lightning energy, increasing Base Damage by 30% for certain duration.

      Reconstruction - Increase Base Damage and Attack Speed for next [Arcane Pulse] or [Nova] by 10%

      Spatial Layer(?) - Apply Back Damage effect to all skill while effect lasts.

      [Protrusion] (Fire + Ice) - [Primal Flame] can be used

      Energy Conflict - There are conflicts of energies within your body

      Inner Chaos - Stun

      [Protrusion] (Lightning + Fire) - [Lightning Storm] can be used

      [Protrusion] (Ice + Lightning) - [Glacial Eminence] can be used

      [Protrusion] (Fire + Ice + Lightning) - [Core Fusion] can be used

      Core of 0 - You have received the source of core. When collecting 3 Core of 0, [Release] can be used

      Release - For short time you can take a peek at the secret of universe. This effect enables [Release], but if the effect is not used, you will retrieve its power as MP.

      Remnants of Core - Converts collected Core's Energy into MP. Replenishes 10% of max MP every 4 seconds.(bearbeitet)

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