FPS issues

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    • Im using a gtx 970, amd fx 8320 ocd at 4 ghz with 16gb ram i still experience serious fps drops in dungeons and way worse in guardian missions even with all the optimizations from guides/ini changes. Lets not even get started about the tree event.

      From what i can tell its mostly cpu related. Since ill be getting new parts soon im wondering what the experience is for people with new ryzen cpu or generally anyone that has a cpu that can run a stable 60 fps or higher in dungeons/guardian missions.
    • for THIS game (UE3) your FX-8320 is a massive bottleneck. The GTX 970 is no problem at all.

      If you know how to do it clock one or two cores to over 4GHz and force the game to use it, could be a better experience for you.
    • I havent decided yet whether ill go with a new i5 or ryzen. Likely ill grab a new i5 but i was just wondering about peoples experience with ryzen or any cpu that can maintain a good fps while in dungeons and player intensive areas. If its not way worse than an i5 i might consider a ryzen but the few tera videos up on youtube with a ryzen dont seem to be able to maintain an fps above 50 even with just 2 others in a dungeon.

      Its a shame tera is so poorly optimized it really puts a damper on things while in a dungeon or guardian mission.
    • Don't buy pc based on needs of one game, which has very shit performance.

      The problem of TERA is that like 60% of the game load goes into one thread, and rest to another one, so basicaly it uses up to 2 threads.

      What is more hyperthreading is VERY bad for thise use case, where you care only about 1 heavyload task, like TERA.

      Hyperthreading is technology that doubles the amount of threads your cpu can run on its physical cores. For i3 7th gen its used to get 4 threads from 2 cores, 8th is 4 cores 4 threads no hyperthreading. I5 doesnt use hyperthreading, i7 uses hyperthreading.

      If you want great and cheap cpu only for TERA buy some used i3 7th gen from the overclocking K series, disable hyperthreading and overclock as much as u can.

      If you want good general use cpu with good single core performance and care about TERA: buy 8th gen i5. K series if u can overclock, if u dunno, buy cheaper one, also with cheaper motherboard.

      If you want best multithread performance per price and dont carethat much about shit like TERA then buy Ryzen.

      If u dont know what to do with money then buy i7.
    • i7 isn't very different from i5 CPUs performance wise, it'd be only advisable to buy one if you're doing creative work such as rendering stuff and 3d modeling.
      Many gamers use i7 CPUs because apparently they're dumb as hell
    • Tera performance is not taking care of our hardware.
      So if you plan to upgrade your system only cause of this game: Don't do it.

      One of the main bottlenecks is your CPU, second one is the 32 bit limitation which only lets Tera use 2 GB of RAM.
      That could be the main reason for noticing hard lags and freezes if you are entering several dungeons (Last dungeons are most horrible)
      To avoid that, it makes sense to restart the game after each dungeon / guardian mission/ battleground .

      If you plan to upgrade and you want a system that lasts for a long time, go for intel processors.
      I bought my i5 2500k 2012 and it's been working at 4.2 Ghz from the beginning (watercooled, cause the lower the temps, the longer its lifetime)
      If you want to invest more, go for an i7.

      Have not tested Ryzen yet but seems nice for the price. BTW, puting Tera on a SSD leads to short startup times :)

    • Om3Ga wrote:

      That's what im saying
      My old i7-2xxx could play GTA V on high settings and when i sold it i heard that it was even running Battlefield 2 without problems.

      I don't think i5's can come nearly close to such a performance.
      except that both cpu lines literally have the same gaming performance with a deviation of around 0.3%
      you can check out countless blogs and tech vids that prove this. i7 cpus serve other purposes than video games. if you use this kind of cpu for gaming purposes only, you're wasting your money.

      no offense man, you can do with your money whatever you want after all
    • Astarte wrote:

      sure now that intel makes conferences about how to write games for multicore it makes so much sense to buy 6 core no HT processor
      Before game developers use that knowledge from those conference you will be already looking forward to buy next gen cpu. DirectX12 and Vulkan APIs will make it better for multithreaded computing and yes, i7 will be better than i5 in games in new AAA games but:

      i7 is 50% higher price than i5, and in is only ~20% more performance in GOOD multithread example.

      For example Ryzen 7 1800X is lower price than i7 8700k by ~15% but has higher performance over 20% in multithreaded application - it is worse at single threaded stuff like TERA and some older games.

      Incorrectly written applications will bottleneck on HT cpu cache context switching, which in some bad cases will make i7 work even slower than i5 (had a lecture on this topic saved somewhere but can't find now)

      Gaming: i5
      Workstation: Ryzen
      Problems with cognitive thinking: i7 (I have laptop with i7, not recommending)
    • Kerath wrote: "Problems with cognitive thinking: i7 (I have laptop with i7, not recommending)"

      is this true for people who bought i7 before ryzen was launched? *i know it is not* but i feel aggression towards i7 in general and thats bad.