[Open] Commissions

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    • [Open] Commissions

      Hello everyone! I am accepting commissions!

      Here is the list!

      The paying option is Paypal, and every commissioner can request one character per commission.
      This is to avoid chaos, haha. The process usually follows these steps

      The commissioner sends in the request with reference pictures. Additionally, the commissioner can express their wishes considering the commission -such as a specific expression or pose. We settle down formalities which consider the payment and begin to sketch
      the commissioned chibi. When that's ready, I will send in the progress.
      If the commissioner is content with the result, I will move on to linearting (also sending it once it is finished) and coloring. Once finished, the piece will be sent to the commissioner and published onto the deviantart account!

      I am looking forward to work with you and to deliver amazing results guys

      :elin40: i draw stuff i guess