Upcoming Dreadspire Problems

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      Rafera wrote:

      1. Combat Accelerator / Glorious Memento / Seal of the Undying Flame and so on should never, ever exist in this game and you can't ever take them in consideration in any aspect of the game. They are nothing but acompetitive trash developed by one person in Gameforge which was never requested and until today is still shamelessly active in battlegrounds with ridiculous useless responses and feedback from our Tera Expert Team.
      2. Sooner or later you will need Talents in EU, the game is getting patches following Ktera and not EUtera, we do not have our own developing path, so every new patch and content we receive will be based on classes with talents and there is no simple way to make an alternative to something that applies to every class gameplay individually.
      3. Talents are shit for PvP, its confirmed. PvP is also shit in Tera, its confirmed as well. Request fix in PvP after Talents are implemented. Unless you want to keep playing in a pile of stacked up issues.
      4. If people dislike the way the game is, don't play it. Thats what I do.

      Can I give you a hug bro, you express things clean and simple like no other player has done so far.
      It Just feels so :elin33: empty without me.

      Ohayo Yoopi! :elin34: :elin6: :elin1: :elin23: :elin39: :elin31: Skia for president. Ⓒ