Not your daily rant

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    • No I'd rather think he missed it on purpose, otherwise consideration for mods couldn't go any lower.

      Anyway who is actually having fun hitting a tree? Many could hate me on this one, but being in Killian means that the only fun part on this "event" is to open PK.
      To anticipate those who will say "You don't like this "event" then don't play it", I would say "You don't say?".

      There are 2 things that triggers me while I'm ignoring this "event" completely:
      1. Play Corsair's Stronghold/Fraywind Canyon 5 times. ......... YES!THANKS! Give a reason to pve crystal users to que a battleground and clog the so-called pvp server, where you can't even kick people because most of the raid is pve itself
      2. Monkeydrome..............................................................Really? Even wintera was funnier and rewards were better, but hey thanks for the anniversary gift you get after wasting 15 min on a battleground, which contains like 20 golden talent or wood scraps I don't even know. There are too many things wrong with this for listing them, but few especially triggers me...availability time coincide with battleground jackpot time? Killer plan!
        And you do bother opening this monkeyevent rather than fix I don't know, Gridiron to say the least (and "it will get removed" is old story, you used this excuse for 6 months).
      So to sum it up,
      this event is worth for new players I admit, they can get a dragon.
      But it's so harmful for pvp, I wish there was an option to join/skip the "event" , pick one of them, the server divide you into 2 lists, when you q for FW/CS you get matched with those who skipped if you skipped, with those who joined if they joined.
      What have I done to deserve this event, I wish there were substantial rewards like in the past.

      I'm sorry for elin lovers, weaboos, furry lovers who finds this event funny because they can't wait to admire their new costumes while rotating camera around on a greyscale screen, lying on the ground; I just have a different concept of having fun.

      P.s.: to help mod understanding sarcasm, I've highlighted the latter in italic