Returned player: Etchings?

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    • Returned player: Etchings?

      So, I stopped playing just before equip revamp this autumn; back then Ninja had to go full crit rate, but now I can reach higher crit rate even without full IV Keen etch, however I noticed that CoS and BH crit are still awfull (is BH even worse than before?)
      So, should I still roll full crit with etchings, or should I go for Energetic on weapon and gloves and Keen on jewellery?

      That's my equip atm, jewels and weapon have no etch, gloves have a Keen III (crt 18); weapon is rolled enrage/enrage/back/flat/cdr
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    • Cute.Sorc wrote:

      Use 1 keen + acccesory etch* sry keen and 1 energetic , And i found out that pounding is better on ninja for dps
      So 1 Keen, 1 Energetic + 6 Keen on accessory?
      I'll check pounding... this summer I tried on IoD T3 BAMS and forcefull was still better, yet I never actually tried to check it during dungeons or other activities.
      Thanks for everything.