Just another peaceful thread.

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  • Just another peaceful thread.

    Hello dear TERA players,

    Back at it again with another very constructive thread about the game we love to hate and the absolutely great companies behind it. I would say that i'm gonna try to make it as short as possible, but i would be a lying son of a gun. Please take note that anything i mention regarding the game is from a PvP player point of view, if a PvE player wants to add his PoV, be my guest.

    So, we just got what is probably the worst patch we got in a while. At this point i'm just gonna assume that A) Bluehole just randomly make changes without asking the community's opinions or listening to it's feedback, shame on you GameForge for doing the same. B) Bluehole definitely doesn't give half a flying damn about PvP. Prime argument regarding the point A & B, in 2 words please : King Blob. I'm not gonna waste time on explaining why this is probably the most ridiculous thing that has ever been released, the few remainings Open World PvP players know what i'm talking about and they either stopped playing Open World for that OR rerolled Mystic to thrall AFK players at VO 24/7. Anyways, someone needs to be fired for that.

    The whole guild BAM (Yes i know, Guild BAM isn't from this patch and was released before) thing is a joke. What are these spawn times? From 7 to 11, really? How WEIRD that this is pretty much the hours where a game should be active because most of the players should be online, it's almost like we're being forced to stay online during hours to do a BAM that is either A) Gonna spawn 2 minutes after the announcement and die in 2 minutes during the PvE ones. B) Gonna spawn 2 minutes after the announcement and will MAYBE be half entertaining for the PvP players, but that's implying people will show up for a fight, during PvP ones. (<-- not blaming people who don't show up because it's totally understandable, thank god King Blob is disabled there.) Also, we still have people saying "Puh-leaaaase just kill the BAM and stop PvPing." GameForge should make a discount on servers transfer vouchers, send them all to Mystel. (Yes i know, PvP during these BAMs prolly also happen on Mystel, it's just a meme ok?) It also "forces" people to drop BGs if they want to go for it because of how fast it's gonna die or because they just want to have pvp with their guild. Funny that the guild BAMs mostly spawns (except on Monday i think) during BGs events, almost like the only time BGs is worth queueing for is being denied by another type of "amazing content".

    Of course, and as expected, the 6 classes that didn't get the awakening aren't really THAT played anymore, but I really can't blame the people for once, considering that it was expected anyways. Still waiting for a proper statement about how exactly it was a good idea to split the awakenings in 2 parts, but i'm sorry to say that it can't be "So we release 2 big patches that will attract players and bring activity back on our servers." ULTRANOPE, it did the exact opposite and SURPRISINGLY a lot of people who actually decided to take a break from the game or to quit it are people who got the Awakening on their classes. They just left because now the game is ridiculous, even from the winner point of view. As one of my guildie (Who left the game because of the patch) said, game went from something like "Still sorta enjoyable, but barely" to "Completely stupid". As a personnal opinion, i really have a hard time having fun when i just giga 20 people with my lancer and they all die in 5 seconds, where is the fun in that?

    In other news GameForge is still not doing it's job. Best example being all these gold selling messages, (they're even invading LFGs now, that's some Terminator type of shit) so i take it as selling golds being now allowed by our "beloved" publisher. No but seriously, when are you going to do something about it? I mean, it seems like the proxy fashion has disapearead now, so you should be less busy. Not gonna debate the eternal p2w type of things you guys keep introducting into the game, just mentionning it because it still exists and is an issue. You should also reconsider the way of how the forum works for people banned from it : you still get notifications but can't see what is it about since you're banned and you need to wait that the ban is over to see why you got banned.

    So yeah, here i am to make my Bible because, once again, both Bluehole and GameForge just keep disapointing the community. One should really get some proper knowledge about game design and the other should just do it's job and start listening to the community. Sadly, since an eternal minority of people is spending a ridic' amount of cash, at least enough to pay the servers / employees and so on, the majority will never be heard. Some people already had the proper brain power to cancel their TERA Club, so i guess that's a small victory there.

    Anyways, just speed the hell up and bring the nerfs / new patches already because people are quitting. And yes, i'm aware that this is not the first time we face a situation like that... But guess what? Everytime it happens again, less people are involved... Because yes, some people are actually quitting for good everytime because of these stupid patches.
  • The first thing to do to provide genuine feedback is stop playing. For as long as people still play the content they complain about, nothing will change.
  • @Tomo Thank you. I do not really expect anything, most of my questions such as "When is GameForge gonna do this or that?" are rhetorical anyways and i know that there is very very very very small chance that things change. My thread was more like a public way to talk about the problems and eventually convince some people to do the same thing i'm doing these days regarding TERA.

    @Rafera True, that's why i slowly typed this thread when i could AFK on Guild Wars or SWTOR. No TERA for me these days.
  • To me this looks like they don't even care about PC version of TERA anymore, imo awakening was created with a view for console players not PC honestly we didn't needed that.

    Btw I wait for Bless now to come out, maybe it will not be the same as TERA in 2012, but atleast it's something and although a little will remind me about good old days and how decent mmorpg should be like.
  • I'm playing since 2013 and I can tell this game became worse every year, at this point, I don't even bother anymore.

    The only ok content atm (in my opinion) is battlegrounds, if people arent teambuilding, (which happens on a daily basis, thanks to the ppl who cant afford q'ing without syncing.)

    But yeah, cba with this game anymore, I remember doing Rift's Edge everyday, then BG's, since they were alive 12 hours a day, and then at like 1am I went in the alliance map with a few friends to pvp some people. Now what am i supposed to do as a pvp player? Going to VO and getting oneshotted by mystics, zerks, sorcs, warriors & slayers? I'd rather log out and play league/overwatch/gw2.
  • Yes! Awakening was the worst thing that ever happened (I guess, since I don't play Tera for that long). It is just stupid and in my case you had to re-learn everything about your class. So after days of frustration I decided to either quit the game or change back from Warrior to my old main - Ninja. Warrior ist unplayable and ridiculous now, whereas Ninja is just fun and enjoyable.

    So yes, awakening is personally the worst thing for me.
    Tachibana.Yuzuru, Ninja
  • Proxy abusers who dont even hide that they are abusers. Unpunished for months...
    Now this patch... And future looks even worse. Considering how they are pushing Bluehole for talents.

    CAP is still a thing in battlegrounds (ignoring feedback for years).

    I am out of Tera as well (permanently).
  • This is the "sorc, archer, lancer broken in mass PvP" flashbacks all over again. Mass PvP (as in the whole idea of mass PvP in any game) is fine and don't get me wrong here. Personally I don't enjoy it as I enjoy other options but I do time to time.
    Literally people complains about an AI killing everyone, that's the most pathetic thing I have ever seen in a while. Actually I'm gonna mention it for you so I hope you guys get some brain cells running:

    - The class summoning said thrall (that doesn't move and the range is pretty close) is mystic, that means you have to be close to a zerg to summon it as a cloth class when literally everyone one shots right now. Not a smart idea. Not to mention the cast time is so long that maybe looking at your screen could help you.

    - "I get giga'd into it" this is the worst. You see a lancer rushing in into you, he uses giga, and all you can say is "damn it that shit is broken". Now giga takes 2 steps which means you have a wider window to actually react to it. 1- You can dodge the shout. 2- When you get hit by the shout you can counter it. Any class with block can block it, tenacity, priests can give the immunity skill, going out of range or iframe. Even the priests can just step back and 4 leash the people in the giga. (Actually I didn't test all of those options but if they didn't change the way giga works those should work as well).

    And that's all, you successfully dodged the biggest threat ever.

    On the other hand there is the thrall of wrath which the biggest problem with it is that sometimes it doesn't load up fast enough right when you summon it and other optimization problems, but well this is Tera so I assumed complaining about this would be an overcomed phase.
    On the other hand if you wonder how to stop it you can send your so useless melee classes to scout around and stun them or simply stop the mystic casting it.

    Basically that's karma hitting hard. You guys didn't hesitate to recruit all the broken new classes for mass PvP. Mostly played by braindead players which is what mass PvP is known for and you want them to be able to dodge an AI or actually use their brains to come up with a "counterplay".
    And again, let me repeat myself. The whole idea of mass PvP is alright but it seems like lady luck didn't strike in Tera and people never realised that mass PvP doesn't mean running it down mid and getting killed multiple times. As there were ways to counter old sorc/archer/lancer there are still ways to counter the current issues. Before you say I think it's alright, no, I don't. As I stated in other threads the game is becoming more flashy and more reflexes dependant instead of mechanically thinking which is why I played this game. (Not saying being reflexes dependant is bad, but it's not my preference).

    This patch is bad just as any other patch Tera had and it's good just because it brings justice to all those mass PvP people with a big mouth that you clearly see they can't think further of what they see.

    Also the only class with the right to complain about awakening is priest since they can't use mana charge in battlegrounds and they lost the only source of mana they had.
    ED: Before an smart ass comes up with "but there is mana infusion" as I said the game just keeps speeding up and casting an skill for 2,5s while requiring to not be in combat is getting harder to pull it off.

    @Deflay How rare an archer complaining about all other classes except for the class he plays. Hit me up with something new.
  • It's not just mass pvp. Right now, if a frostmetal warrior latches on to you with a backstab(which is not hard to do, just a matter of time at best), you are 100% dead due to a new skill that's guaranteed 150-200k crit. Same for slayer's spin that's 360 degree and mid-ranged. And those are from +5-9 frostmetal players' damage on my full +6 SC priest.

    All that from pressing 1 button. Such skill required, much action combat.
  • I don't see how is that an issue. You get backstabbed in raid fight and then what the rest of the raid looks how you die? lol. If everyone was busy with something else props to the guy for backstabbing in the right moment, if everyone saw but none could help because of being underpressure that's how it should be, you were bound to lose the fight.

    If you talk about random open world skirmish, why would it matter even. Everyone knows it's been always like this it's just the classes who dominate there keep rotating. So it's never been balanced and never will because that's how an skirmish is supposed to be otherwise there will be no ending point to those.

    If your point is that you get killed randomly in VO the issue is with your emotions not with the game. If you want to afk or just don't want to die go to safe zone simple as that.

    ED: Also as I said I do think awakening is not as bad as people make it sound but if you want to mass PvP you should look for another game since Tera's mass PvP is not healthy for many reasons other than how the game is evolving. (Actually looking for another game in overall is a better decision).
  • I mean Spatsu, you can say whatever you want... At the end of the day VO is currently "empty" and barely anything happens. Granted it wasn't the most active thing before awakening, but with the patch it reached a new record. I'm mentionning VO considering it's probably the most active source of open world PvP, since GvGs are dead (except for those amazing Highwatch GvGs with more outside healers than actual fighters.)

    You're aware that the "it doesn't load" issue you mentionned regarding the Thrall of Wrath also happens with King Blob, right? How many times during the first days of the patch, people just died "out of nowhere" because of that? And when i say people i mean everyone, i often saw a bunch of ennemies dying at a certain location where there was no sign whatsoever of a king blob. We used to have "invisible" balders before in mass fights, now it's invisible thralls. And even if you take away King Blob, which is the case for CU / PvP GBAMs, ToW is still an issue. I know it's pretty easy to take it down, just some small CCs and CDs and it's gonna die, but it has to load first and it can get messy if you get 3 or 4 of these mofos running around your raid WHILE you still gotta fight a large bunch of ennemies. I think you just didn't experience the whole thing enough to see where it is truely annoying.

    Old flashbacks from lancer / sorcer / archer? Well... The difference is that the amount of people you can giga has been multiplied by 5 now, so I think there is indeed a major issue. As I said, i have no fun going in, using my giga on like 20 people and watch all of them instantly die, since it means that the fight is pretty much over at that point. And then again, even if you think it's easy to dodge it you forget all the other factors around. Imagine a player that has a warrior / slayer on his ass + someone called an enemy ToW around, so he has to look for it, and then a wild lancer appears ready to giga. I know there is people with fast reactions, but in mass fights there is a lot of infos to take care of, and if you're out of cooldown when mister giga appears, well you're gonna get it for sure. Of course the priest save is a big asset and i can confirm it since i experienced it a couple of time, but still. Also since we're discussing combat, let's not forget about the eternal grey model shit. Literally the ONLY game where i've seen such thing and it's ridiculous that such a game breaking issue been here for years. And i almost forgot it's little cousin, the white HP bar issue.

    Karma? I don't know who you are refering to when you say "you guys recruited all the broken new classes for mass pvp", but i'll speak in the name of my guild only on that one. So let me open our roster link... So of course, we have plenty of healers which is nothing new considering healers always been necessary in mass fights, right? Kinda the same for lancer, it has always been an essential class due to... Well giga, and the various buffs / support options it has. We maybe have a bit too many brawler but brawler didn't wait awakening to be broken. As for the rest... 2 zerks, 3 warr (3 according to the google doc, because in fact we have 1 left since the 2 others left the game due to the patch being stupid. Kyin didn't do his job reeeeee), 3 slayers... Wew true abuse. I don't intend to flame here, but let's not forget about the times people used to abuse gunners or valks / brawler, not gonna give names but you got the point. At the end of the day people wanted / want what works nicely in mass PvP if they do... Guess what? Mass PvP. So i don't see what's wrong. There was a time when guilds didn't want a lot of warriors / slayers / zerks / archers... Well now it has changed, except for the poor archer class. Since i see that you're answering to Deflay, i'm just gonna go with that : i'm pretty sure what he's saying has something to do with the fact that archer has been a bottom tier class since years.

    PS : I agree on the Priest part.
  • @Spatsu I legit went to vo, some warrior did 200k on me, without even trying to attack me, some thrall of wrath did 300k, king blob 700k, and my archer deals 100k when fullbuffed. I'm obviously gonna complain lmao? Also I dunno if you saw it, but when we had a "vo fight" (more like we wanted to see how much of a joke masspvp became in vo) against codex some days ago, mystics did literally 90% of the kills with their king blobs, that's true, archers and sorc are dealing alot of dmg in battlegrounds or CU. But why the fck would I log my stormcry +8 archer in pk fights, when I can log a frost mystic and oneshot stormcry +9 tanks? Thats the reason why I'm doing BG's, since the rest of this game became a meme.
  • @Kumas A lot of people have the intention to go for Bless, i wish you guys good luck with this game. I personally won't play it.

    @Deflay Which server on GW2?????

    @Odrakis Yup, a bunch of people gave up on the awakened classes and either left the game or re-started playing non awakened ones.

    @Unborn (can't tag you for w/e reason) Well i mean... When you see that members of the GameForge staff are hanging out on the Proxy Discord servers, protecting the known Proxy users and not moving an inch regarding the whole Gold selling thing, which FUN FACT : Even invaded PS4 now, i think it's safe to say we lost the battle against Proxy / Gold Selling by a mile.

    @Bargg That's the very short version, but it's true.
  • I'm obvisouly not taking in consideration technical issues like grey people or desyncs since then we can just talk about ping and how it affects the game as well and the list goes on. I'm aware as well that most of the problems are there because of how bad optimization the game has. Though doesn't change my point that there are ways to actually play around those "broken issues".

    Game suffered this unbalance ever since reaper came out because it felt like the game was slowly changing towards another playstyle. Now with the awakening it feels like we are almost there where everything is broken so if everything is unbalanced it's almost as if it was balanced.

    I will just link a similar conversation I had today because cba typing again.

    Display Spoiler

    Also... codex has 8 lancers who can giga 20 players
    you cant counter that
    in mass pvp

    Spatsu-Today at 10:25 AM

    the whole mechanic is bad because they outzerg everyone(edited)
    is that what you mean?
    also you can still counter it I dont know what you mean

    Spice-Today at 10:26 AM

    Well simply... mass PvP suck. Just cant counter that (not to mention grey players).
    I can pop tenactiy...but 1 mystic tp and regress
    followed by 8 gigas
    You cant see

    Spatsu-Today at 10:27 AM

    yeah like when you get hit by one you have a debuff
    wth 20s duration
    so you cant get giga'd again

    Spice-Today at 10:28 AM

    Yes, but you only need to get giga'd once

    Spatsu-Today at 10:28 AM

    the whole raid
    gets gigad by 1 lancer
    what are they dooing

    Spice-Today at 10:28 AM

    8 lancers

    Spatsu-Today at 10:28 AM

    you look at them or what

    Spice-Today at 10:29 AM

    They are grey...

    Spatsu-Today at 10:29 AM

    so your "this game balance is horrible"
    is because of the optimization

    Spice-Today at 10:29 AM

    Its mass PvP, its impossible to look out for every lancer in enemy raid... you will get giga'd once at least...
    especially if they are grey

    Spatsu-Today at 10:30 AM

    thats why its called mass pvp
    you have
    MANY players
    to look out for you
    but again
    look who plays mass pvp
    so you want them to actuallyuse their brains?
    literally priest can give 3s immunity
    to everyone in the raid

    Spice-Today at 10:30 AM

    idk what priest can do(edited)
    i didnt awaken mine

    Spatsu-Today at 10:30 AM

    and it has 12s cooldown
    get 5 priest
    the raid is permanently anti cc
    and 20% damage reduction
    so hard
    mystic is so broken
    nerf thrall please

    Spice-Today at 10:31 AM

    well I didnt play anything ever since awakening patch... my logic is still from before

    Spatsu-Today at 10:32 AM

    the game is not healthy due to the playerbase
    its justice that now they die
    proves how they cant use their brains
    literally what happened before was "noooo they can giga, oh shit we got in giga I guess we get gear carried, now we giga them and since we are more and our gm can shotcall in discord we can coordinate our damage to kill them"
    what happens now
    "nooo they can giga, i guess we die to thrall because its so unbalanced"
    people straight up complain about to what they die without thinking about anything else

    Spice-Today at 10:36 AM

    I know players are stupid... Just 2 days ago I leashed dd away from thrall and (archer) rushed back towards thrall
    But when you have mass pvp... its different story. Way harder to counter everything.
    But that goes for both raids obviously.
    So better (smarter) raid should still win.

    Spatsu-Today at 10:38 AM

    I mean it is harder since there are way more things going on and overlooking something is easy
  • @Spatsu One "broken issue" isn't REALLY an issue on it's own, the problem starts when you start piling up a bunch of broken issues to the point where it makes the game or what you like to do on the game unplayable, which is pretty much what is going on TERA, people are leaving because they had enough of all that BS. Also, not gonna ask who this Spice dude is, but he should do something about his maths issues. We have 5 lancers in the guild at the moment, soon to be 4.

    @Deflay Disgusting! Transfer to Vabbi, even Buba is there.