Just another peaceful thread.

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  • Eliannah wrote:

    At the end of the day VO is currently "empty"
    VO is not empty cause some mystics thrall everyone. VO is empty cause some ppl before and more ppl after patch (cause now warriors and slayers are mlg) killing every lowgeared or lowskilled player in VO and feeling strong. Last peace of honor is gone. I mean, old players gonna stop play Tera and the newones who try to get a step into PvP get farmed all day. I wouldnt come VO too.

    I duel more and more in other areas, cause it is not possible anymore in VO. Not cause of mystics... it is cause ppl didnt even let you duel without annoy you or your enemy. VO become more and more a place for authists. Selfmade.
  • This thread wasn't made to discuss 3v3 VS Open World or how stupid people are in Mass PvP or 3's, especially if i get some 3's wintraders commenting here. The people doing arena need to get off their high horse if they think 3's make them good at the game.

    This thread was made to provide feedback regarding the last patch, which almost entirely doesn't apply in BGs, the only big problem being about Priests but it has been mentionned already and i believe it has been seen by Athena.

    Keep that discussion in private.

    @Athena could you clear the last messages please? Up until Buschfunker's one.
  • This is an interesting thread with a lot of well constructed arguments, and it's definitely a subject I think about often. Obviously, the answer to this question is highly subjective, and I don't believe there is a single right answer. I like reading everyone's opinion on the matter, though, and I hope this discussion goes on.