Warrior PvP Glyph / Rolls?

    • Warrior

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    • I am not an expert, but here's what I would use, if I were to play PvP.

      For armor I'd probably pick the following:
      Armor: Top roll: Vortex Slash cooldown, bottom rolls: Decreases damage taken, flat, decreases damage when knocked down, recoverage of hp every 5 second and increased hp
      No picture here, 'cause I didn't want to spend 15k gold on this swblob

      Good luck!

      Semi-good Warrior. Idk. Ask me anything.

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      Lancers: Stupidlancer, Luna
      Reaper: Shennie, Blue

      Only relevant chars honestly.

      Warrior guide
    • Thank you for the input.

      We will make sure to react faster if anyone need help.

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