Mystic and Totem BUG?

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    • Mystic and Totem BUG?

      Hey guys. I dont know its a bug or i just misunderstand.

      "Warding Totem
      Greatly increased healing and added Primal Surge buff.
      Targets with Primal Surge buff will receive additional heals from Titanic Favor and Boomerang Pulse."
      Ingame i read it and it say 30k more heal, and im trying out, nothing changed when i summon my totem.

      Some opinion?
    • From what I read on the forum the extra heal is not shown as a number on screen but still happens which means it would only be a graphical bug. Not sure though.
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    • Well it happens when u heal during the warding totem. Not when u summon it. Correct me?

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