How look situation with healers after awakening patch?

    • How look situation with healers after awakening patch?

      Hey guys how look situation with the healer after the patch? I was thinking about playing one of them afyer new patch but idk how it looks now and if its worth still to go for mystic or priest gets better now?

    • To be fair, there are other heals available now, and healing is not as twitchy as I feared...
      But yes, if Focus Heal used to be your main tool, you need to relearn now.

      I kind of hate that I have to run into the fray every 25s like a tard now, though. To cast Words of Vitality. It's a nice skill, but it desperately needs range. Oh, and the range glyph does nothing.
    • I main a mystic and i enjoy a bunch the new skills. I don't feel much the difference on the heal to be honest, mostly because now I can spam the thrall of life that has quite a wide range and gives hp/mp to the entire party almost instantly, also cleanse on the same time. The cd is really short and while i cast the boomerang and the lock-on heal, the thrall of life is again up for cast.
      I had to change a bit my rotations though due to the various buffs that the thralls gives, but that was a minor tweaking. I got used to it very fast. And you can always explode your motes for extra hp/mp at any time. ^^
    • Well situation is not that bad but definitely need fixes and FAST.
      1- Guess i missed the part where they gonna remove endurance buff and put all buffs together on Shakan ----> RIP slaying runs for pve priest.
      2- There's a lack of heals inside BGs i guess, at least inside CS heal wasn't balanced today and the only solution about this would be to activate Words of Vitality inside BGs because it also heals around and people can also abuse it by cancelling the animation!
      3- ALSO there's a problem with priests inside 3v3 because like i said Words of Vitality is deactivated inside BGs and everyone knows how much is important that skill inside 3v3.

      I don't know about mystics inside BGs tbh but that King of Blobs definitely need a nerf like some other classes in OW PvP.
    • Mystic lockon in CS is 17,500 (crit is 25k) when it used to be way more. Legit that token heals more than actual lockons.
      Looks fun tbh considering that on my archer I got like 140k hp inside CS.
      Heals basically became as shitty as inside gridiron, cba honestly.