Recruiting DD's for Slaying HH

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    • Recruiting DD's for Slaying HH

      Hello friends!

      Recruiting for a Slaying HH raid basically. We only need DD's at this point, since we're, (most likely!), going to SKIP PHASE 1+2+3! This means we only need competent DD's, with a nice chunck of damage. We're of course to pop everything, to clear this shit, but this also means you only have to do ONE mechanic, which we expect you to do. Don't be greedy is basically our motto!

      - Stormcy +7, preferably higher
      - Nice records on MG, (our assessment will be RKE, RMH or HH records)
      - Experience with raiding
      - Preferably experience with ALL phases, (since this gives a better understanding of phase 4, even tho we're slaying)
      - Ability to think?
      - Black humor
      - Patience
      - An application :^)

      Already in raid:
      - Trappiez, (+9 Warrior)
      - Galen.Marek, (+9 Warrior)
      - Little.Rickyuu, (+9 Warrior)
      - Kalie, (+9 Lancer)
      - Lalatinaa, (+9 Lancer)
      - Primus, (+9 Brawler)
      - Peyton, (+9 Reaper/+9 Priest, (I think))
      - Yeori, (+4 Mystic/+4 Priest)
      - Arancina, (+6 Mystic/+9 Priest)
      - Rude, (Can't remember gear - stormcry smth smth)
      - You, if you're a good DD

      Message me on this thread, ingame on Trappiez or on Discord: Zeltoni#5888

      Cheers, have fun, o/

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