Account Blocked

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  • Account Blocked

    I decided to start playing TERA again, and as I went to login on my account it said that it was blocked and to seek help from support.

    I have receive an e-mail at the 2nd of february, this year, saying the following "Unfortunately for security reasons we have temporarily disabled the payment method you selected, in order to protect our customers.
    You can find more information from our billing support team."
    But I have never purchased or tried to purchase anything from the in-game TERA shop or from the website.

    As I contacted support they told me that they couldn't solve the problem from their end, so they sent me to the billing support page as refered in the e-mail, sent a ticket 2 days ago and I still got no response so I was hoping I could find some help here from anyone that could've experienced something similar or that has knowledge about this.
  • Have you 'purchased' Tera Club from someone before? Or added a payment method to your Steam account? Just some guesswork.

    Let us know what Support told you.

    Good luck!

    Edited, Spam. ~Zancara
  • Hello,

    I'm not quite sure if my account is linked to Steam (if theres anyway to check it apart from downloading the whole game from Steam, I'd appreciate you pasting a linking here), I use the regular TERA launcher.
    Never "bought" TERA club from anyone, in fact, I have never performed any type of action involving irl money in this game.
    As for the adding paying methos to Steam, i have added funds to my wallet, again, not sure if that's the reason because I'm not sure if the account is linked.

    Thank you for your assistance.
  • After you log into the TERA website, there's a part called LINK ACCOUNT TO STEAM in the account management section. It will tell you whether you've linked your account to your Steam profile or not. It's likely to not matter anyway.

    At this point, you've no choice but to wait for Billing Support to reply to you. You can try logging in using another Internet connection (for example your mobile phone data connection) but chances are your account is blocked for some stupid reason and must be reviewed by Support.
  • Hello,

    The problem has been solved, when i contacted billing support they forwarded the ticket to another department again, but after 2 days i got an e-mail from "regular" support claimming that my account has been checked and is now up and running.

    Thank you for your assistance Sunflare. :thumbup: