Need your advice here :)

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    • I bet that these guys are in your guilds so ppl send complains about them to you.
      From these i only know Killing-Machine gm of avenged sevenfold.
      You know either you fix your guildies or they will avoid your guild members.
      Being new means nothing, there is a lot of guides, noone require from new players to have stormcry +9, but instead to do their job.
    • I honestly see nothing wrong with them contacting you about misbehaving players.
      Regardless of them being new, it gives them no excuse to act rude towards other players.
      If they're in your guild, and you're the Guild-master... I think that it should be your responsibility to confront the misbehaving players about it.

      I think most GMs would be glad to get informed about such things so they can take action.
      Misbehaving players can ruin a guild's reputation quite fast, lol.. just my 2 cents.
    • Aimovera wrote:

      I honestly see nothing wrong with them contacting you about misbehaving players.
      [extra shit]
      Misbehaving players can ruin a guild's reputation quite fast
      This pretty much sums it up.

      To explain further, if I get a complaint about a guildmate, I ask them about the situation to get their point of view. Sometimes people do things without realising they aren't behaving very gentlemanly, or because they think it is the right thing to do without considering other people's feelings. Of course there are folks who tend to overreact and like to make a storm in a teacup, so I gotta consider the possibility of it being a misunderstanding or an exaggeration.

      The only thing I care about is having friendly people in the guild, which means drama has no place here. Obviously, if someone is being a dick towards outsiders, this won't be tolerated and they gotta reconsider their behaviour. Since everyone represents the guild while in party or on public chats, I expect guild members to act accordingly - no flaming, no inappropriate language, no trolling. If someone feels 'too good' for the guild, they are welcome to leave whenever they like. I can play on my own if I have to if no-one shares guild's values which ultimately is my understanding of fairplay, helping each other, offering a shoulder to cry on if necessary. So, if someone approaches me with a complaint, I kinda take it as a personal failure. So I try and make things right if there's something that can be done. Sometimes explaining my guildie's actions is enough. Sometimes explaining other people's point of view is enough because misunderstandings do happen.

      Anywayz. I don't think it's mega appropriate to post such correspondence here.

      P.S. A click-bait thread title btw.
    • To answer your question, apparently some of your guildies joined a pve run with players from outside of the guild and the result was not satisfactory.

      I suggest talking to your guildies about it, which should let you figure out the other side of the coin and then talking to the players who sent you the complain (should you have something to say to them). You can give your guildies recommendations to improve and reassure the complaining party or you can reassure your party and ignore the complaints if you see they don't fit the current situation, it's up to you to judge after you've informed yourself properly. Either way just make sure you keep it civilized.

      If you are a leader/officer in your guild you will be expected to talk with your members about this kind of stuff and help them out, however way you see fit.