warrior pvp guide

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    • warrior pvp guide

      Hey Guys,

      im pretty sure there were many guides for warrior before me, but please let me ast this and again and start the discussion clearly :) ty^^

      Im starting to pvp 2 weeks ago (until now only pve), and still trying to get used to it.
      1. could you please guide me some basic warrior pvp combo skills?
      2. ppl keep telling me to stagger before i use backstab, what do they want from me?!^^
      3. where can i train my combo for pvp?

      i thank you all before!
      Cheers for a better Tera-World!
    • Since youre from kilian you are welcome to contact me ingame /w maywind. There is too much to tell you about in regards to pvp to do it that quickly. There are tons of combo guides out there but I doubt they would help a new player for pvp all that much cause there is more to it than that

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    • I don't play my warrior in PVP since corsair stronghold was implemented, but I can answer your 2d question about staggers.

      Stagger is a kind of short stun (less than 1 sec) during which you can't move, dodge or use skills . It can cancel enemy's skills.

      Warrior has few skills that stagger : combative strike, 1st hit of rising fury and 2d hit of auto attack.

      If you stagger someone before using your backstab, he won't be abble to dodge your backstab, this is why ppl tell you to stagger them before landing backstab.

      Hope it helped,

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