Kelsaik's Nest 10-man raid – Your help is needed! [10.03-11.03]

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    • Kelsaik's Nest 10-man raid – Your help is needed! [10.03-11.03]

      The Kelsaik's Nest will make an exclusive comeback in 3 different difficulties! But before releasing it for everybody to enter, we’ll need your help to conduct a closed beta test of sorts this weekend (10.03 / 11.03)!

      Would you like to playtest the changes? Then follow the steps detailed below:

      • Put the T2.bat (available here) next to your TERA-launcher.exe and execute it (this works for both normal and Steam client but Steam still needs to be running)
      • Register a new account on this launcher (use different credentials than your normal account on our live servers!)
      • Enter the “W2 Atmorph (beta)” server
      • And finally, join us on our dedicated BETA Discord

      Feedback will be collected, evaluated and if needed applied before the event starts for all players to enjoy!
      You can of course live stream your runs if you wish to do so :)

      Get ready for the following changes (amongst others):

      The dungeon is available to be played in 3 different difficulties

      • NM is for Frostmetal +5 groups
      • HM is for Stormcry +5 groups
      • EM is for Stormcry +9 ++groups

      Activating difficulties: Please test the dungeon in a difficulty you feel comfortable in!

      • NM > Just Walk into the Room & Fight Kelsaik without destroying a crystal
      • HM > Destroy the right crystal and fight Kelsaik
      • EM > Destroy the left crystal and fight Kelsaik

      • After every fight (wipe / reset / revive) you can re-select the difficulty.
      • You will get some free gear to be ready to play it.
      • On HM/EM an additional NPC spawns briefly after Kelsaik is dead to grant you additional loot.

      Please note: While it's planned to be functional on live, currently the following isn't active:

      • Dungeon Matchting
      • Ingame shop

      Thank you in advance, and have fun!
      The TERA team
      Former Product Community Manager