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    • Burning Heart Update

      Why did burning heart get updated this patch, for what reason?
      It was changed in Korea because of the talent system which we dont have here so i dont get why this change was necessary
      Feels shit and fucks up the crit rate of Burning heart as well for NO REASON
      Since decoy jutsu is messed up for like an eternity in raid as well and nothing was changed, i guess nothing will change here as well.
      Ninja is one of the weakest classes already and you just seem to think were top tier dds? dafuq stop nerfing this goddamn class for no reason at all
    • Kraxler wrote:

      But Blue Hole don't balance around talentsystem
      this wouldnt even be a balance around talentsystem its just something that doesnt need to be patched into the game, because there is absolutely no point in the change. just dont get it into the game, easy as that. thought bluehole would actually enjoy leaving things that korea have(talentsystem for example), and not getting it for eu, so why do they give me this shit? it was made for korea and could have just been left there
    • I tested it out before i have +308 crite factor with my ninja and before the patch Burning Heart was doing a lot of crites and since this patch 40% of the using Burning Heart is only critting and if you did't see as well 1 use is 100 chi instead of 80 before the patch.

      The NERF is spotted tho class is already weak but now a little more weaker then before.

      The crite chance for Burning HEART changes is since this patch way to low, i guesss BHS is dumb.
    • modi3 wrote:

      Why do you ninja mains consider this the worst class ?
      I'm not even a ninja main, but I've given many of the bottom tier classes a try. To cut the long story short it's quite disheartening when everything you do is an uphill battle.
      That's not even the main issue, the numbers are available for everyone and you (probably) know what you're getting yourself into.
      It's not about late game score runs but more about the ability to pull your own weight. It surely doesn't help when you get to add bugs, class mechanics that don't work properly and fixing things that aren't broken into a worse state than before into the equation. Also awakening patch will come sooner or later and make things even worse for bottom tier dps-classes (not talking about ninja exclusively). Even if your group is fine with it you'll run into sandbag bosses and damage checks that can ruin your day for sure