FW Match Making in 2018

    • Being killed by Sultan multiple times in FW doesnt mean he focus you! It means u are bad!

      My guild is the reason why pvp in this game still there and without it all of u will keep barking at no one!

      Don't act innocient, I already said u guys will not admit that you are *censored*, cause simply you are *censored*!

      Should we report your guild for selling/buying accounts, selling/buying gold, hacking, multi-account?

      Keep hating, keep enjoying the *censored* we give to u.

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      Quited Tera, did I? - Sorcerer is Love!
    • can i also have a sponsoring gm for myself? where can i apply for it? since everyone seems to have one... i want an extra cute&rich one plox *_*

      still a neutral player can't ever follow your arguing over here - fw is fw - ca is ca - crybaby is crybaby - classcarry is classcarry and a fked up matchmaking is a fked up matchmaking - and none of you will change anything about that... ?
    • Where I said u are flaming?

      Also, u went to judge me and totally ignored ur guild mate. So basically u are not flaming true, u an *** kisser true also.

      And I'm not flaming, I just stated a fact!

      Quited Tera, did I? - Sorcerer is Love!
    • @Matrixo I replied to Kraxler comment not ur friend xd Read it - he wrote about flaming :). Im not ignoring my guild, I just didn't see anything wrony like hacking. If u "stated a fact" that means u have proofs so then u can report. Do it and then we will see if ur misdoubts are right.
    • Do u even read comments xd ? I asked what do u want me to say to my guild because u are unclear. And u just again said the same thing. I bet u just dont understand idk if english barrier or ure just obssesive too much. Im not talking with a wall tho.