[PvP] Patch 66: Battleground Rankings

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    • Hello again,

      Impossible to have proof ? You are a new player, so you can contact pvp players of your server/killian and ask them if they know us in pvp, you can compare our other ranks in BG and see that we are high rank everywhere (wintrade in corsair lul?), compare previous rank, etc.. but these are not what i blame from your messages. Why Am I blaming you ?

      First of all, if you thought that ppl are wintrading, speaking on the forum and giving names (#rules?) is pointless except if you want a drama, then you are accusing some pvp players of PL just because you didn't see them after only 1month of tera (you're a new player and you saw us 2 times in 3v3 team but whatever), without proof, without even searching, with anything. It's just vicious.

      We don't care about why did you lost (yeah yeah it's stuff as usual), we don't care about your premade, about my premade, it's not the topic. Can we speak about PvP and battleground rankings only ? I think the topic of Wintrading in 3v3 team is important and it's sad to have this subject flooded by this kind of message you're/i'm doing.


      PS: I don't like drama, sorry it's my last message here, if Tiny you want to speak to me, as you are doing here on the forum, you can just pm me, it's the right place to do.
    • I did ask people they also said they havent seen you in soloq in this season and you guys said it urself you went to 1100 and you stopped so why are you suprised about being called out? And just beacuse you have high rating on other battlegounds doesnt absolve you from being able to wintrade in skyring you cant compare fwc and cs to 3v3. This was not to make drama this is what i think is necessary to do when wintrading is suspected, speaking on the forum about wintrading is exactly what you should do.

      You should re-read what i said on previous post so you might understand why the suspesion and if you didnt wintrade thats perfect but i dont see why you getting so angry over it.

      I did not mention ur names i said "people on a french server" you keep saying proof but its not proveable i cant simply take a screenshot of wintraders in a game getting free points. This will also be the last i speak on the matter.
    • It seems that you didn't find the "PM button", so I will ignore what you said and moved the debate forward.

      I was 1200 when i started 3v3 team. I'm telling that because I made some research about 3v3 team. It's not possible to wintrade in 3v3 team if your team has 1200+ average rank. (Moreover I don't know if we can say "wintrade" for 1000/1100 ranks because it's very low, you will not be in top rank and it's really easy to do in solo). Let me explain.

      It seems that 1200+ average rank team can't fight against 1000 average rank team. There's a minimum gap rank in 3v3 team, i don't know the exact amount but it's around 200points. Some people on the forum wanted to have it removed because 3v3 team was not active anymore. It's not something that is well-knowed by community because it seems to have been implemanted some months ago in order to stop 3v3 team wintrade and without any patch note. I'm my self not totally sure about that but I have read tons of topics about PvP when i was forum moderator and most people that were "specialist" of 3v3 team said that there is a minimum gap rank.

      This season, I tag a lot 3v3 team and 90% of the time we didn't find any match, the rest 10% we were against team with 1100~1250 average rank. So my own experience this season is confirming what i said above. If anyone else can confirm that, it would be nice =). This is a "real proof" that your diffamation against us was just pure lie.


      PS: "French Server", we're 3pvp players on it.. playing on words is sneaky.
    • You dont see my geared slayer in soloq either... Doesnt mean I wintrade. :/

      And Fenix is right... if gap is above 200 rating, you wont get matched. So in past players were losing intentionally in soloq (just so they could play premade). But this isnt that huge an issue anymore, since now personal rating reset every 4 weeks. Removing rating gap from 3v3 Teams

      Talking from exp... If you que 3s premade and you sit in que often, you will sometimes find teams without gear, crystals. Its rare, but it happens. So worst you can say about Fenix team... They dont tell players from other servers when they are in que. This obviously mean they are bound to face easier opponents (perhaps full rookie PvE killian team)... But its not wintrading. Its not their fault game allows players without crystals to que. But as Fenix said... You cant get above 1200 average rating vs teams like that.

      If skyring was active, then we would not have this conversation right now. Those rookie PvE teams would play vs 800-1200 teams. And current 1200-1400 players would be sitting at 1500-1800 personal rating...

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      Unrelated... even in soloq you have full PvE rookie teams. Usually is max 1 player that has incorrect crystals, rarely 2... Almost never all 3. Video from two days ago when all 3 enemies had PvE crystals and zero idea how to play their classes:

      Priest walked out of their base with 30% mana only... They attacked us 2v3 (@Matrixo) but I was able to carry. ;D
    • Fenix wrote:

      PS: I don't like drama, sorry it's my last message here, if Tiny you want to speak to me, as you are doing here on the forum, you can just pm me, it's the right place to do.
      To me it looks like you do like drama because im trying to have a conversation and you just want to act up. If you refuse to read my stuff then why did you bother typing to me in the first place? You asked for proof i provided my "proof" you say stuff that doesnt really go together. I read your stuff and i answer your statements but you dont answer mine how come? You said this is a debate to me it just seems like a monolog.

      Anyhow so about wintrading and the 200 point gap, doesnt that just mean you cant go against 1k players? So if i log an alt and i feed my friend my points doesnt that just put him in my queueing range if im 1200? There are multiple way to wintrade just because you reach a certain rank does not absolve you from being able to wintrade.

      "First of all, if you thought that ppl are wintrading, speaking on the forum and giving names (#rules?) is pointless except if you want a drama" You brought up rules and i clerified that i never mentioned ur name and theres 2 FR Servers, theres no sneaky worldplay its just facts.

      PS: If you want to actually have a conversation outside forum you can pm me.
    • Hoy,

      I will again ignore what you said except your part about wintrading. (you can continue to drama alone, it's funny to watch).

      So you said that you need players who are PLing other players who are PLing you, and you repeat this action again and again for each match you do ? So for only 1 match, the 3 first PL players have to make several 3v3 games. So you need 9 players or 6+3alts if you want to do that. Wow do you think we're that much on Seren ? :o. Even if it's very very screwy and a big waste of time, it's technically possible. Maybe i'm crazy but this is another level XD.

      Moreover if you want to do that, it means that the 3 friends, who are helping you, are in 1010~1100+ rank, on my pve server there are only 4 players between this rank, and one is my priest. You can contact the other and ask them if they are my friend and helping me, the fact is that i never played against these 3 players. So you can admit that you were wrong about us or you can make another crazy theory. I can't wait to see what other crazy theory we're gonna get in your next message.


      PS: "theres 2 FR Servers, theres no sneaky worldplay": you mean this server ? Yeah yeah, it's confusing i can admit.. Even if it's not volontary by saying "French server" you're accusing 3 players very precisely, i'm pretty sure you can figure that. If it's not done volontary, it's just done clumsy.

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    • The logic you guys wanted to use was "If the wintraders are 1200 they cant get fodders to feed them points" and i just gave you an easy example how people still can get points once they reach 1200.Thats one way to go about it and its effortless to get chars to 1100-1200 to wintrade not sure why you typing like its hard thing to do. You can make alts on diffrent accounts and feed urself even, theres alot of ways just use common sense.

      You say you ignore my drama stuff but everything i said was related to the wintrading, and you chose to ignore because i think you dont know how to respond to it.

      But anyway i feel like i gave you enough chances to engage in a normal conversation but you keep insiting on making unvalid points and avoiding the answers which shows that its pointless to countinue since you keep cower away from the statements but if you decide to actually make valid point and have a productive conversation without being childish and not cower away i will happily engage.

      And i recommend you to read my previous post and you might understand the reason i thought you were wintrading.
    • Hello,

      @Nips: The only thing i'm asking you is to admit clearly that you were wrong about us when you affirmed that we were wintrading, we gave you many reliable proof about that, we fought 4 times against Dimex team and Unborn can confirm that we fought against him too. I do understand that there is no way to really prove that a team is not wintrading, but it's the same for your team, and all the other teams, there's no reason to link our team to this kind of deal. Now i'm answering about the topic.

      To summarize, Team A can be PL only by this method you found :

      • PL 1100+ : For 1 match win: Team B Wintrade 1000+, then Team B deliberately lose against Team A.
      • PL 1200+ : For 1 match win: Team C Wintrade 1000+, then Team C deliberately lose against Team B, then Team B is deliberately losing against Team A.
      • PL 1300+ : For 1 match win: Team D Wintrade 1000+, then Team D deliberately lose against Team C, then Team C is deliberately losing against Team B, then Team B is deliberately losing against Team A.

      Alternative: The 3 players of team B reach 1200ranks by queeing in pvp solo.

      So people who are trying to wintrade cannot reach 1300+ without spending tons of hours for it, it's very difficult in 1 season. Personally i think PL is no longer a problem because in one hand, if you do without alt, you need 9 players helping you or 3 players who can reach 1200rank easily (and want to PL you), i think this is almost impossible. In the other hand, if you create two or three accounts in order to PL, you will be easily found by Gameforge.


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