[PvP] Patch 66: Battleground Rankings

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    • Unborn wrote:

      I changed my mind... I also vote for option B: We consider the Top 5 (of each class) over all the BGs. -> (FW+CS+Skyring)/3 = rating
      Because this way you will actually reward players that are keeping every battleground alive. And you will reward players that are not feeding with their undergeared alts because they are too afraid to que with main. This will also make games harder if more players will que with their best geared characters.

      PS: Had some problems with account so I asked board admin to delete my old account. Was never banned tho. ;D
      I can understand the point of "keep every bg alive" with sharing the rating. But what should stop me from queing with my Underground alt with separate rating? I dont think the game will be harder of this effect.

      The idea itself is not bad, that simple show your knowledge about your class in all discipline (deal with mass pvp, grp fight, etc), but overall i would put skyring over CS/FW rating since it require more individual skill. (which should have a higher value)
    • How does Skyring require more skills? 3 opponents and 2 teammates...
      In FC and CS you have far more people you need to take care of. Plus FC/CS isn't pure PvP like Skyring, there are other things to consider too.

      Skyring is piss easy because you can carry them better.
      Try to carry your Team in mass BGs with 20 opponents.
    • Om3Ga wrote:

      How does Skyring require more skills? 3 opponents and 2 teammates...
      In FC and CS you have far more people you need to take care of. Plus FC/CS isn't pure PvP like Skyring, there are other things to consider too.

      Skyring is piss easy because you can carry them better.
      Try to carry your Team in mass BGs with 20 opponents.
      In a perfect world om3ga (which we try to achieve) your team would not suck and your enemy team too.

      The current rating boards should show your individual skill, not the one of your team. The less Teammates you have, the more of your own "individual" skill is shown and the better indicates your rating.

      I dont put FC / CS lower compared to Skyring, but you will need much more or even endless games, which show your "individual" plays, since it mixed with another.

      Like you said, you carry a hole team, so the another 19 Person in CS get a wrong rating, while you the only one get the right one.
    • I'd vote for option C (top 5 each class in skyring) but since people like other bgs too maybe top 3 in each bg is better....

      Even tho I'm aware balance sucks I don't think we should give rewards based on top players of each class btw... like for example no one plays ninja and it would kinda suck if a random who doesnìt know what he's doing gets the reward because he did 5 matches in a season... maybe top 1 for each class and top 5 overall is good.

      Anyway still wondering who tf spread that bs rumor that leaderboard is cumulative score based and why everyone went after it like sheeps :/

      The moon isn't real.
    • 1. Leaderboards are currently server based. How are we supposed to know if FW players on Mystel have 1500 rating already? Like I said, rewards should be server based. At least rating is not cumulative.

      2. There are some new players in battlegrounds. This is good, if they will stick to PvP and improve over time. But if you dont intend to buff PvP rewards... Then we will have to endure 1-3 months of low quality skyring matches for no reason... Since most will quit PvP if content wont be rewarding (look at PvE threads and how players play only content that is rewarding).

      3. Give better rewards to players that play battlegrounds... For past months we were getting only 7 gold talens per win in skyring... What a joke! Elemental essence from boxes is super rare. I wont even go into other gear items that are/were unobtainable for PvP players.

      4. Season 1, no rewards?
    • Well we will have to wait some more days, then we will see how they are gonna change things


      Athena wrote:

      We are currently working on a new update regarding:
      • Battleground Schedule
      • Battleground Rewards
      • Battleground Ranking Rewards
      The new configuration will not be ready for the release of the patch 66 but we will give you more information next week!

      Thank you for your patience!

      just switched place, forums and global is where pvp action exists
    • Thanks for info.

      I just hope rewards wont suck... I know I should probably thank GF if they buff rewards... I just cant get over the fact... We could have rewarding battlegrounds months ago (request was made in october 2017).
    • What if someone has 12 archers? And his archers are rank1, rank2, rank3, rank4 and rank5 in skyring. Does he get all rewards?

      I think he should. (Asking for a friend who owns 12 archers.) ;D

      PS: Did today around 70 soloq games (skipped FW/CS events)... 10 hours of gameplay (waiting in que, playing) = 45 wins + 20-22 losses... thats 315 gold talents and 63 silver talents (~8k gold total).

      Display Spoiler
      Did not count VG quests... Thats extra 10k (rubys + 200*45) gold and around 1300 emblems. And 45 HP pots.

      @mods, forward this. Imagine getting gear for skyring premade by playing just soloq. Impossible. That makes zero sense.
    • Out of those options D would be the closest call.

      Either make the rewards and the rankings server specific OR make the leaderboard crossserver.

      A system that I'd like to see would be, special reward or title for a player who can keep crossserver top 1 rank in all 3 BGs (not just better score overall) so that would indeed be a competitive title to aim for, give it a fancy tradable mount or something to display like flying battlecharger(flying outside of BG) and whatnot. Those top 3 BGs could rotate seasonally (optional). Rewards should still be on for 3/5 top players each class just not this title.

      Most delicate point here, rewards aside, is how should the score be calculated. The intended title/reward should be obtained by every class, to give rewards to a player who demonstrates both individual and teamworking skills.
    • top 5 of each battleground of all players, not class depending.

      Also a title reward and some potion (dunno what that is) for rank 1 of each class of all bgs together. Also achievement for rank 1 of all bgs (all together, not class depending)..and aspecial reward for getting in the ranks for 3 seasons straight
    • Hello,

      If i understood correctly, only the 5 best players (all servers/all classes) per BG will recieved 1 diamond and 3 Elemental ressources for 1 month of full try-hard ? In short, the 15 best players and try-harders will get after 1month of endless tryhard less than 1hour of civil unrest.

      I have more rewards when i afk 30min in civil unrest or when I play 1 day doing PvE ^^.

      It's demotivating, I think rewards should be dramatically increased in order to make PvP more attractive.
    • I always laugh when i see the forum people & GF trying to "fix" something together.
      Probably you should first start playing the game? Good idea right?

      Make BGs eq already
      Add mana reg stats to FC/Skyring gear like CS has it
      Delete Gridiron
      Add more Jackpot hours to the table
      Remove mobs from FC
      Buff the fking CS gates
      Bring Skyring 5vs5

      How about that?
    • The rewards announced today is disappointing, not worth the competition.

      Its good that u didn't make those potions gives u kind of super power, game doesnt need to be more broken anyway.

      But the main rewards is really bad! 3 essences only?!?!??!?!

      1 diamond only?

      And why metamorphic emblems not entropic?

      Also what is that useless dragon scale thing?!

      Not to mention the golden finger tokens!

      So disappointing!

    • I'm really sorry for you pvpers for these low rewards.
      Being in the 5th places between all servers IMO deserves a much better reward.

      I don't pvp that much anymore but I enjoy queuing a few Fraywinds on my reaper sometimes, guess I'll wait until today's Korea's patch is applyed here before queuing too much.
      Give us talents as passives or at least give regions outside of Korea a proper class balance.

      Someone at Bluehole Studio thinks that fun is spelled G-R-I-N-D

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    • Eternyawar wrote:

      I'm really sorry for you pvpers for these low rewards.
      Nevermind the retarded rewards, including this "visual effects" temp potion. As expected, they ignored all feedback and this thread was just an excuse for not delivering the rewards they promised on time for the patch release.

      Giving rewards which take x-server results is just unbelievably stupid. How are players from 'PvE' servers expected to reach top 5 in the common pool? I'm just speechless. Better don't even bother with these rewards if you going to use a SHIT SCORING SYSTEM!

      Can anyone tell me why the fck BHS removed the 'current/best rank' stat from profiles? Is this 'new' half-arsed "leaderboard" supposed to make up for it? Retards!

      P.S. @Unborn Why was your first profile deleted? Nvm, I don't care - it's not like anything on this forum has any logic behind it.