When tera gets proper performance fix?

    • When tera gets proper performance fix?

      atm Crome is more demanding than tera
      I have at least 70% headroom at CPU and GPU while doing Guardians yet tera won't use any of it
      I have no idea if you tried to fix something but well it didn't work 2 patches before I could use 60% of CPU just for tera and stable 60 FPS without drops in dungs now...muahahaha forget about it even at rg it drops to 40fps, realy in 3 men instance?
      Can we finally get something fixed if not proxy then maybe performance?

      "same" game ktera up to 40% and up to 50% gpu utilization, gues what, about 10 FPS more
      can we get one tiny fix? or GF can make a guide to how to setup a game so it runs like it should, not at 1/4 of some1s pc capabilities
    • I don´t think that they gonna fix the problems with the performance (including dc´s, fps drops or crashes). They know about the probs since a long time. Maybe because they wont spend time innit ; Bluehole already develop another MMO.
    • its not even possible to fix something like this.. problem is inside engine.. Best thing u can do is to get maximum single core perfomance and 3200mhz ram or even more if possible... smth like 8600k on 5.0ghz+ for example.. But u still gonna have huge drops.. all this ini fix or whatever wont help anyway.. unless u have really bad pc
    • Short Answer: Never
      Long Answer: BHS said they don't want to put time and money to develope their people to learn other engines. This why PUBG and the upcomming MMORPG A:IR is poorly optimized

      No seriously look A:IR reveal trailer ... enjoy 8 FPS trailer
    • I think some devs are just plain oblivious (and lazy) and think newer hardware will "save their shitty coded game" in the future, so there's no need to put "extra effort" for it (real definition of bloat and cancerous software).

      It's not like there are physical limits or anything, and they're getting ever so closer. /s

      (also people who think 100ms in animations is no big deal like a certain someone here shouldn't comment about fps, I mean, if 100ms is not noticeable it means you play with 10fps or something, pls)
    • So I found something amazing
      it looks like you can use like 70% CPU and GPU while playing tera
      but...only if you turn up the graphics settings
      if you want to play at lowest posible settings to enjoy no dips below 50fps, nah it won't work this amazing pice of code would just use less resources
      but as soon as you turn on lightning enrichment and leave turned on all useless stuff in S1engine.ini (like better shadows better lightning and other stuff like that) then you get same fps but with lower cpu and gpu usage

      so in the end apart from not so amazing visuals tera has nothing to offer, if you're a hardcore PvPer and you want high FPS no dips so you turn off all shine sh!ts then...you just get same less shiny fps
    • Borsuc wrote:

      I cringe in this day and age everytime someone uses "70% of CPU!!!" without specifying the amount of threads and cores, as if that means anything. Unless you use a dual core I don't think it is possible for TERA to use 70% CPU.
      okey okey sorry it's i7 with HT turned off so 4/4 with 3.2 GHz and no it won't go higher
      Spend some time playing with S1compat.ini and max out graphics settings in game

      You can make tera a bit better with inis but as I said if you want pure performance no shiny stuff then you're only getting less load
    • 64bit Cilent, Porting Game to Unreal Engine 4 with Dx12 or Vulkan Api... while doing these they should have opportunity to fix game code also. but i dont think Bluhole have any ability to do these. they need money/people/time to do these. they may have money but they clearly dont have qualified ppl or time. you can clearly see this at pubg. wich is their new title but clearly shows they dont have people to do propper codding / or those ppl didnt got enugh time to do propper codding.

      That could be their policy to gain money faster/easier way. on this side u cant only blame them u should also blame customers to not demanding these things at first place.. if they had been realized they can not profit from unoptimized/unfinished games they could not have take the risk of releasing those games at these states.
    • Pft, don't expect any CEO to ever greenlight an overhaul like that for a game this old and flawed by design. They can't possibly build enough hype to make it worth the investment. Not with the current spine breaking competition.
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