LF FIHM Static Members (or party)

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    • LF FIHM Static Members (or party)

      Hello friends!

      I'm looking for party members, or an assembled party already, to farm FIHM until 6th of March 2k18, (closing time for FIHM).

      About me:
      Ing: Kittieez
      Server: Killian
      Class: Warrior
      Gear: +9 weapon, +8 armor, BiS jewelry, Tier III etchings
      Skill level: Ehh. Semi good - I guess. Have 130+ runs in RKEM, and fairly good DPS
      Mindset: Usually pretty easygoing and easy to talk with - tryharder at heart, since I'm Asian

      About you, or your party:
      Stabile when deciding on a date and time
      Not a dick
      At least +7 Stormcry and a decent understanding of your class
      Willing to learn and improve - always

      Write me here, ingame or on discord, (Zeltoni#5888), if you're interested.

      - Kittieez

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