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    • Events: From TERA with ♥♡

      Love is in the air – and frostiness too! We're flash freezing the red-hot passions of Valentine's Day with the Wintera Snowfield and special rewards!

      From 10 AM on Tuesday, 13th February until 8 AM on Tuesday, 20th February, you can take part in the frenzied snowball fight. Compete up to 10 times per day and earn tokens to trade for items of your choice. You'll also receive a Valentine's Day Surprise for each round you win.

      Tokens can be swapped for the following items:
      • Valentine's Day Surprise
      • Crystallized Snow Explosion
      • Heart Chocolate
      • Heart Candy Cane
      • Shape Changer: Chest (permanent)
      • Shape Changer: Height (permanent)
      • Shape Changer: Thighs (permanent)

      Kill the lovesick monsters!

      Love can be deadly – especially if it has sharp teeth! In addition to the Wintera Snowfield, there are also challenges, accessed via the Elin button, where you'll receive rewards for killing small, normal, and large monsters.

      Note: The opponents must be near your level for them to count toward the challenge. For example, if you kill a level 60 BAM with a level 65 character, it won't count.

      Valentine's Day Surprise

      The Valentine's Day Surprise is a random chest that contains one of many different items. These include riding and flying skills, emoticlouds, and a range of desirable consumables. Look inside and enjoy a lovely surprise!
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      Tera Europe @_athena_gf
    • A New Event is taking place!

      In order to replace the Kill the lovesick monsters! event, From Now, 15th February until Tuesday 20th February at 5:00 AM, enter the dungeons listed bellow and get additional jackpot rewards! You'll also receive a Valentine's Day Surprise for each entry!

      List of Dungeons:

      • Thaumetal Refinery HM
      • Thaumetal Refinery NM
      • RK9 HM
      • RK9 NM
      • Lilith's Keep HM
      • Broken Prison
      • Sky Cruiser
      Product Community Manager
      Tera Europe @_athena_gf