"Account Blocked. Please Contact Support" Error

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    • "Account Blocked. Please Contact Support" Error

      So, I have been logging into Tera almost everyday now for a little over the last 5 years. yesterday all I have done was access Celestial Arena twice, access Echoes of Anea twice, and access Ghiliaglade once. Then log out. I also logged back in several hours later and cleaned out my inventory a little bit before logging out again for the day.

      I received the email for the free items using the redeem code. I successfully entered it in on the site, but when I tried to log into the game using the launcher, it told me my account was blocked. I tried to access the site afterwards, and it said that "An error occurred. try again later". I reset my password, thinking that someone may have hacked my account. I then tried to access the support page, and it says "the information entered is incorrect". The forum is the only place I can access successfully for the time being.

      is anyone else experiencing this problem? As far as I can tell I've done nothing that I can think of that has gotten my account blocked.
    • A block on the account is usually temporary, taken as a security measure. Can be triggered several ways, like sudden change of ISP, using some kind of VPN and so on.

      Such random blocks can be lifted (usually) by entering the old account management ( account.tera.gameforge.com/?l=en ). If that doesn't help then You can still ask Support to have a look what just happened.
      Speaking of which, keep in mind that Support and the Forum are two different websites. Meaning if you change the password here on the forums, that will have no effect on the Support's website. Or the other way around.

      For the "error occured, try again later" is usually solved by changing browsers. Personally that website will never work for me if I'm using chrome, no idea why. But it always work with Firefox or any other. But if your account is indeed blocked for a reason then this problem will remain even after you switch browsers.
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    • ffomega wrote:

      The forum is the only place I can access successfully for the time being.
      Tough luck, buddy - this forum is the most unhelpful place for you to find support. You're not allowed to discuss bans here. You what now? You're not banned, your account is just blocked? Don't you worry - there's an unwritten rule for that: "If you can't access your account, you count as banned, therefore you're not allowed to say a word on this forum." From the secret Useless Tera Forum Moderator Manual studentbook.

      Joke aside, it is indeed pointless to seek help here. Moderators only care about protecting scammers and hackers. They don't care about players problems - they tell you to contact Support even though you may have written you already have. lol In this case they tell you to do it again because they can't help you and because they can't help you they assume everyone is as incompetent and uninterested in helping as they are. There is a support section for players to seek help from others players. But noooooooooooo, as far as moderators are concerned, they are the only players on this forum. And instead of trying to help by letting others help, they tell you to go to third-party websites where you get exposed to malicious content etc. Just pathetic...

      ffomega wrote:

      I successfully entered it in on the site, but when I tried to log into the game using the launcher, it told me my account was blocked. I tried to access the site afterwards, and it said that "An error occurred. try again later".
      How long between your last website visit and your launcher login attempt? Have you forgotten some VPN add-on active, maybe changed Internet connections, or got your IP changed due to having a dynamic IP which sometimes is known to cause issues with account access? It is indeed possible someone tried to log into your account from a different location - it could've been you but system couldn't have known that. Support will be able to tell you what triggered the block.

      What Racial is trying to say about changing passwords is that you need to register on the Support website separately if you, in 5 years, have never done it before. You can also just use your Steam profile to log into that system but you won't be able to see your past tickets if you had any at all. You need to link your regular Support account to your Steam profile before you can see your ticket history - just like you link your regular game account to your Steam profile if you want to log in via Steam.

      As for the 'an unexpected error' error - there are a few reasons for that, including having your account blocked, unless you meanwhile did some hosts file changes or blocked Tera in any other way (Win Defender, some firewall-capable software etc). It's weird to hear that a browser change could help with that - if this was the case, then something in one's browser add-ons or settings was causing the issue. In any case, don't attempt to log into your account for 48 hours or until Support have told you they've unflagged your account as blocked, whichever comes first. Often they tell you it's OK but in fact it's not, so you have to message them back. It is usually then when they finally do it properly with or without apologising about it. Why not try logging in? Because doing that supposedly resets the block countdown.

      Have you tried resetting the block by using a different Internet connection, such as your mobile phone connection? This is known to have dealt with this problem in the past. Same goes for the old account management but it's just luck based whether it works or not. Instead of making it easier for people to regain access to their often TC paying accounts, they keep making things worse, wasting players' time and money.

      Good luck!

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    • Sorry for any inconvenience. I was able to determine that the 'block' was on my windows 10 PC...There was nothing changed between yesterday and today that I can think of, but when I tried to log into Tera from my old windows 7 laptop (with worse specs), it worked. So the issue isn't a gameforge thing, or even a 'me' thing. it's a windows 10 thing. Something on my w10 machine is blocking my account, or the launcher at the very least. I am currently waiting for the thing to update so I can look further into it (which it just so happens to be one of those "omg the world is ending...I must do this right now or everyone dies" updates....)
    • ffomega wrote:

      I was able to determine that the 'block' was on my windows 10 PC
      See if you find something useful here then:

      It is still possible that your PC got indeed blocked while your laptop isn't. I've had this once with a mate I asked to log me in for a day, then two, then three... For almost a week, as I didn't know how long I'd be away. At some point my PC got locked out while he could still log into my account. lmao Had to message Support to unblock me.

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    • Thanks for moving this. I'm not sure what may be happening. I decided to go take care of my dailies on the windows 7 laptop, but a few hours after that was done, I was able to log into my account from the windows 10 PC. I had thought that the game had somehow resolved whatever problem may have been happening, but today when I tried logging into Tera, the same issue resurfaced. The video that was submitted by Sunflare was not helpful unfortunately, so I am going to try some different things. I only recently had trouble with this, considering I have been using this windows 10 machine for about 5 years, having had windows 7 installed for most of it, only upgrading to windows 10 within the last 2 years.

      I am only posting my progress so far on this in case someone else runs into this exact problem in the future. not JUST "an error occurred", but "Account blocked. Contact support"
    • Update: I checked the compatibility mode of the launcher. It appears that it was already set to Windows 7. So, I decided to change it to Windows Vista Service Pack 2, and was able to log in. However, it shopuld be mentioned that every time this error occurs, I must authorize the launcher with this machine. It did happen the last time as well, and this time as well so I am not sure if there is a bug in the launcher or if there is something that prevents temporary blockage of the launcher for a few hours or so before allowing me access again, upon re-authorizing this machine. the problem is that my desktop has been authorized with my account countless times (sometimes due to reformatting or replacing the hard drive (reinstalling the OS), or on occasion after a windows update.

      I am still unsure if this may be causing the issue, but it should be worth bringing up in case it is.