Priests´cooldown for Resurrect Skill

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    • Priests´cooldown for Resurrect Skill

      The healers´rezz skill was reduced with its´glyph to cooldown %.

      A Mystic ever runs with double CD on Weapon, cause of Contagion.
      A Priest runs with Atk speed on the upper side of the weapon and CD in lower side or by now some Priests run with double CD on weapon.

      It would be nice to know how much (or less) cooldown the Skill Resurrection now has.
      In old times best Priests´CD was 3 seconds. What is it today?
      With double CD on weapon and glyph % CD and without any etching on hand or weapon. the Resurrection skill is 11 seconds on cooldown. With Atk speed and 1 CD on weapon its 12 seconds.
      A Priest with High Tier Staff + 9 has also an attribute with 1% CD to skills.
      So what´s the lowest CD on resurrection as a Priest with Etching, glyph % etc. can have?
      It would be really interesting to know it.

      BTW the new update on Tuesday gives Priest on E-stars 5% more to CD on skills to whole party.
    • Quoting Nep (PurpleHeart) from his/her Brawler guide

      Nep wrote:

      COOLDOWN REDUCTION: Cooldown reduction in Tera scales either additively or multiplicatively depending on its source. The formula for cooldown is:

      Cooldown = Base Cooldown * (1 - Static CDR) * ( 1- Dynamic CDR)

      Static CDR includes CDR from gear and glyphs.

      Dynamic CDR includes CDR from buffs(e.g. Growing Fury) and consumables (e.g. Nostrum).

      Cooldown reduction scales with increasing returns, especially when the source is additive.

      Thus, with a FULL cdr build

      CD = 20 * [ 1 - ( 7.2% + 7.2% + 7.2% + 1% from weapon +25% from glyph + 6% from etchings)] * [ 1 - (5% from EStars)]
      CD = 20 * ( 1 - 53,6% ) * (1 - 5% )
      CD = 20 * 0,474 * 0.95
      CD = 8, 816

      Unless I messed up the maths, but 9 secs cd sounds plausible.
      Hic sunt dracones

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