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      hi all, before few months i play tera in na, the reason i dont play anymore bcs u need to wait too long for any pvp content. For ex few hours wainting for cs. Can someone tell me how much here u need to wait for pvp contents
    • Hi, here on EU there is timed events for each BG. The events are giving bad rewards overall and shouldn't be called "Jackpots".
      Even during the timed events you might wait a bit before getting matched, which can waste a lot of time considering most of the events are like 3 hours long.

      Needless to say that outside of these timed events the Queue for these BGs will never pop. So if your main interest is to play CS it's going to be during these events, outside of that you can pretty much forget CS. And, as a side note, people going CS are mainly braindead so you will often run into people who are clueless (mainly from PvE servers) and just waste your time.

      But then again TERA is a massive waste of time in general. I recommed you to play another game if you actually dropped TERA NA and was looking to play something else.
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      • AutoNostrum ( like it say, nostrum always UP automaticly perfect for OWPvP)
      • Skill-Prediction (Simulates skills client-side)
      • Auto Retaliate ( retaliate quickly & automaticly )
      • Macro / script / auto block... (Brawler, Lancer, Warrior...)
      • Fast fire (Gunner, Archer...)
      • World Boss timer & location
      • Desync...
      • Gain 20-30% dps
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    • Fw and cs have between 10 and 20minuts during schedule times, we rarely have more than two matches ongoin at the same time. So only a few hours a week we can do battlegrounds. Gridiron doesnt match unless an entire guild queues for it. 3v3 matches often, until healers stop queuing, people usually shout on lfg if you are on killian so you can be aware of activity or inactivity. Iron battleground and kumas I cannot speak as I never queue for those.
    • Rafera wrote:

      kumas I cannot speak as I never queue for those.
      I tried queuing once for kumas and after the event time was over I was still in queue. So that should say enough.
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    • 10 mins seems realistic if you're queueing solo, i experienced it myself. 5 mins seems also realistic for a full premade. (For Fraywind that is)

      HOWEVER, don't forget that after the first 1h30-2h the queue times are getting longer because some people / premades stopped queueing since either some of their members needed to go or just because they lost like 2 or 3 FW in a row and simply said "Ok, screw FW for tonight."

      CS is a bit different, but haven't queued for it in months so i can't really tell.
    • 10 mins extreme match, when it pops 2-3 times within 2 hours, seems like maths go like these

      120 mins total
      With 3 pops :
      10 mins extreme q * 3 matches : 30 mins
      3 fw = 30 min each.

      With 2 pops :
      10 mins extreme q * 2 matches : 20 mins
      2 fw = 50 min each.

      God bless you Om3ga for spreading the truth and going against all the liars and trolls that cry about qs not popping
      just switched place, forums and global is where pvp action exists
    • When there aren't many people on queue, and you get one match at a time full matching pool, i sometimes don't make it in as tank two matches in a row. Which leads me to wait ~20minuts depending on match durations. Has happened to me often in CS.