Pinned Skyring 3v3 Guardian Premade & Discord Server

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    • Skyring 3v3 Guardian Premade & Discord Server


      Hi friends,
      due to the lack of initiative by our publisher and our developer constant dismantle of PvP content while ignoring the feedback from the people who play this game about Skyring 3v3 premade Equalization(a great thread), me and others, inspired by Tera NA streamers, had the idea to make the Tera 3v3 Guardian [EU] discord server.

      • What is that crap? 3v3 Guardian is an idea, a term that has been successfully used in Tera NA and sometimes used in EU between friends. It consists in players wearing free gear from the Vanguard shop to fight each other in the most open, fair and competitive way this game can provide at its current state(unfortunatly class imbalance and other issues can't be fixed by player initiatives :doofy: ).
      Thanks to this idea we eliminate the first and biggest barrier to players in Skyring 3v3 Premade, gear! :wbb:

      After many situations and inspiring players who had initiatives like this, it came to our mind that it was needed a place where people could discuss, recruit team mates and challenge each others from any server at any time! This gave birth to Tera 3v3 Guardian [EU] discord. We will be initiating it a few days after Manahan closes and peak times might be assigned according to popular demand.

      If you are a player who enjoys Skyring 3v3 PvP or simply are interested, join us. Even if you don't have a team, read the rules, make friends and start matches!

      Discord invite here:
    • I was having the same idea with steadfast gear but noone at that time was willing to lose his "vm proc" :saint:

      Will join soon, hope that people who switch gear will get "banlisted" and that there will be no retards constantly trying to snipe guardian :')

      @mods please pin this post
      just switched place, forums and global is where pvp action exists
    • We have tera's lore, dsu and fokin ilvl calculator pinned and not this .

      @Athena seriously, please pin the post, if gameforge is not willing to do anything about pvp, at least let the community
      just switched place, forums and global is where pvp action exists
    • BTW, this discord became:
      1. A way for players from all servers to announce that they are Q-ing for 3v3 Solo/Team and know what class is missing for the bg to pop
      2. A way to ask other players to Q 3v3 Solo/Team
      3. A way to ask other players to join 3v3 Solo/Team in progress
      4. A way to announce that a specific player is BM-ing in 3v3
      So please invite all your 3v3 friends to join.

      Thank you.

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    • Just wanna say guardian premade is starting to become alive!

      Go make teams with your friends, join the discord and read the rules we got there.
      /w me in game (Kyureta, not.woke, Tony_Hawk, wtb.brain) or on discord Kyureta#7277 and I'll get a team to q against you