Guild x Virus x recruiting members for harowhold Raid

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    • Guild x Virus x recruiting members for harowhold Raid

      Hello, dear friends!
      We are recruiting to the raid group, for closing raid dungeon HH (Harrowhold) (1-4 phase). All classes are required (Killian server).

      Requirements for entry into the raid:
      -Good possession of your class
      -set - Stormcry 4+
      -steadiness against wipes, punctuality, stable ping, good hardware
      -Prepared to use all necessary consumables (full cost of consumables is expensive).
      -Having TS voice communication.

      Raid is aimed for stably closing the 1-4 phases. The experience of phases are welcomed. If you are suitable for us - the readiness to change your flag to ours. In priority are the players of our guild. The drop distribution from the 4th phase will be determined by the Raid Leader (RL). In the raid will be Russian-speaking players. More information can be obtained by contacting players: (/ w Mr.Tick (Killian), Mellorin (Killian), Amedela (Killian),Hani.bunny (Killian)) or simply write to the mail. We will contact to you and answer to your questions.

      Unit in raid for the tries will begin after Manahan server closing.
      Setting call of raid will be started on the evening from 19.00 to 21.00 (on server time)

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