Ranged DPS, which?

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    • I suppose you are asking for the PVP aspect in them.
      As for what I can say is that Sorcerer really is a nice and "difficult" (= has alot of different combos and rotations you can use) class.
      Archer is a rather easy class compared to Sorcerer and has a few staggering and stun skills.
      Gunner was pretty much overpowered at some point in PVP but as far as i noticed the class is less popular right now but still a pretty strong class if you put enough time and effort in it to play it well.

      Conclusion: My suggestion is if you havent played any of those 3 classes yet (or not alot) you for sure will be easiest off with Archer -> Gunner -> Sorcerer. Afterall you should choose whatever you like best ;D
      twitch.tv/ariikato (occasionally Streaming)
    • Archer:
      Rapid Fire = Staggers Enemy upon first hit (has 15% reset CD chance when glyphed)
      Sequential Fire = Staggers Enemy (50% chance to reset when glyphed)
      Radiant Arrow = Staggers Enemy ; when fully charged KD's enemies
      Close Quarters = Stun Kick
      Stunning Trap
      Stunning Trap Arrow
      Incendiary Trap Arrow = Knock Down
      Thunderbolt = Staggers Enemy and knocks enemies back by around 24m (not sure if thats exactly the range)

      Mana Missiles = Knock Down
      Arcane Barrage = Staggers Enemy
      Arc Bomb = Stuns Enemies upon hitting them (also multiple targets if there are more around)
      Time Bomb = Slows enemy and knocks them up in the air
      Point Blank = Staggers upon first hit ; Staggers again and pushes the enemy back a few meters upon 2nd hit
      HB-7 (Robot) Summon = Knock Down
      HB-7 Self Destruct = Stuns enemy around the robot
      Bombardment = Staggers (Barely used in PVP or more like duells ; maybe in a bit bigger scale PVP)
      Balders Vengeance = Knock Down

      Hailstorm = Slows enemies when walking in the hailstorm
      Nova = Grants KD immunity for the caster and only receive half the damage; KD the enemy
      Ligthning Trap = Stuns Enemy
      Flame Pillar = Staggers Enemy
      Lightning Strike = Stagger Enemy
      Mindblast = Sleeps the enemy
      Painful Trap = KD Enemy
      Nerve Exhaustion = Silences the enemy ( can not use any skill for 5 seconds)
      Mana Volley = Drains the Mana of the target
      Time Gyre = Roots the enemy (= can not move)

      Hope thats what you asked for atleast some part of it, it might help if you watch some skill explanation videos (if there are some out there) to understand what im talking about. (Might have forgotten something here and there but thats most of it)

      twitch.tv/ariikato (occasionally Streaming)