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      We are a new guild looking for our first members.
      There is no requirements on anyone who is wishing to join the guild. All we ask is that you are a respectful and decent person.

      We offer an in depth rank system which is designed to enhance the experience of players who wish to get involved in it as well as guild politics. However, this is entirely optional and you will still have an enjoyable experience within the guild.
      There is a guild discord server and although not required i highly recommend that join it upon entering the guild.

      We are willing to help anyone within the guild who may need it.
      We accept that people will not always be available to play the game - this is not a problem for us we all have our own lives and things we need to do.

      Overall we are a small community of players who enjoy TERA greatly and wish to share future experiences with others.

      You can apply to the guild:
      In game - 'The Sleeping Knights'
      By joining our discord server -
      By messaging me directly on discord - OptimisticTrousers#6452
      Or by messaging me on steam - 'OptimisticTrousers'

      If you join our discord server to apply please also apply in game and visa versa whilst giving us your character's name over discord.
      Everyone can find their place in The Sleeping Knights!