Parcel Post & Transfer

    • Parcel Post & Transfer

      Every time I do a TRNM or any dungeon needed for the "[Event] Manahan's Nemesis", I'll receive a "[Event] Dungeon Insigna" in the parcel post; the problem is that after you get 5 of any of the "[Event] Dungeon Insigna" you can no more read the parcel post message (because it said "You can't hold another ...), but for the server transfer you "must" open and read every message in parcel post.
      It's an unexpected error, or you're planning to change the server tranfer voucher a make sure it'll be usable even if there are some messages to read ?

      Beacuse if is an error, everyone who did more that 5 times the same dungeon , won't be able to change server at the end of the server ^^.
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    • Event - Transfers and Dungeon Insignias

      So, I got max 5 Dungeon Insignias III on my inventory and a few on my mailbox that I can not receive because one can not hold more then 5 at one time. What will happen with the transfers since we can not have anything unclaimed on the mail to be able to transfer? Will GF work that out on their own or will we have a problem?