Is there anyone else with problem to the server selection screen?

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    • Is there anyone else with problem to the server selection screen?

      Hi to community of Tera!First of all I love Tera!this game is absolutely fantastic!but....for about two weeks now I can't play.... :( I'm having an issue with my servers...i'm stuck at the server selection screen and nothing happens.I have try many things to solve it and I was hopping that with the yesterday updated the problem would be solved but nothing again.I'm going crazy with this because I really want to play and it's unfair!I mean I didn't do anything or change anything at my pc and I didn't download any programe or anti virus or anti malwer to block something and one day I get this.... :( please someone help me out with this...I'm playing from steam and i'm in Saleron server

    • 4:39 Can't log into any game server

      It's kinda late to message Support now because you're not going to get a reply before Monday but you can do it nevertheless. You've waited for 2 weeks already anyway.
    • Since i don't see the link sunny posted (i think) i will say something silly. Sometimes this bug happens if you close gflive or steam before the game launches. Idk if you close it before that might be the problem maybe.
    • well here is what I got from what you told me to seems that when I get to the server selection automatically my hole pc goes offline.I don'the have Internet access when i'm there to any other program (for example radio) any thoughts?
    • Regarding an answer from the support I would advise you to not expect an answer before Wednesday.
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    • OK I got it was something about my WiFi connection that I can't understand.I sherch the Internet about it and many other people was having trouble with many of them said that if you connect through ethernet the problem will gone and yes it'self true.can't imagine why because my Internet was fine.only to this game and only gets me disconnected.thanks a lot guys for your willing to help me! :)