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    • DSU - Feedback

      After a week of DSU with enough time to look into it i guess its time to write down my personal opinion about the current version and i hope other ppl do the same.

      Floor 16: Still Floor 16 - nothing special, the warmup floor as usual.
      Floor 17: Was a desaster at the start with bugging mob waves and RNG wipes. The changes to this floor made it actually playable. Some bugging and wipes are still happening but by far better than right after release. Actually okayish without the log out "glitch". Maybe some more HP to the mobs would make the mechanic a bit more challenging.
      Floor 18: Still Floor 18 - More DMG and Atk speed might be cool. Attacks should oneshot here in my opinion.
      Floor 19: Can be a pain if your group doesnt focus on placing the mobs properly. Worm mechanic is challenging if you dont have a warrior and if the mobs are spawning a bit away from the actual fight. The usual Meldita backwalk wipes are still happening, but this was expected.
      Floor 15 eeeh 20: Kelsaik is by far the better choice than this annoying bug. Makes the dungeon more enjoyable than before. However, tough dmg race for some group compositions. Shields in puddles are an annoying thing too. But i like it (most of the times).
      Floor 21: Kaprima is a true test for your dmg. While the first 75% are just a warmup for the actual dmg race - the last 25% can be a true challenge without CAP and ranged DPS. At some point you just can just pray that she doesnt spam spins to destroy the melee dps. Went a bit overboard with the effect of the stacks.
      Floor 22: Still Queen but with a decent change to its core debuff mechanic. Clown switches always were annoying but this time you actually have to work with it instead of just dying. I never understood why there was no more punishment to dying after a stand was over. In this version dying after the mechanic can make your life way harder. Nice change, i like it.

      After all: Still DSU with buffs that made most bosses an actual DPS race. Focus on core boss mechanics instead of adding "stupid" debuffs to annoy people. Pretty sure DSU was one of the most requested PvE Dungeons to return in all regions and we are finally able to play it again.

      The Loot: Good Loot if you ask me. You can make some gold and stack some nice 100% HP & MP pots. Other ppl already complained that its not worth running for the time needed but i personally dont share this opinion. While the 2nd SCEM had loot boxes and ppl complained about it - DSU still has them but you get a free key this time from Shandra Manaya. And 2.0 actually drop from those boxes too!! Might have been nice to get non tradeable Cane/Bravery potions.

      The 23 Power/Endurance Buff: I was not a big fan of this buff at the start but i like the idea of adding certain time frames with this buffs. Might make it possible to enjoy this dungeon for a few more ppl than without.

      Thats it for now. Any other opinions? :D
    • Also gonna drop my opinion about the reformed Dreadspire here....

      Agreeing with what Noyn says about F16 - F18,
      Backwalk on Meldita is quite fun indeed (especially if it happens twice in 1 run :s )
      F20: Overall the boss is pretty nice balanced as he is right now (dmg wise; capacity of the shield - eventho in my opinion I would prefer a bit of a shorter shield phase not in the meaning of just reducing the timer but also reduced capacity with around the same ratio [Time:Capacity] it has right now)
      F21: Sneaky oneshots on the stomp are quite "fun", quite scaring so you mostly just end up dodging more of them (or all) as it would be necessary. The boss is fairly decent till it reaches <25%, for melee DPS it can get really challenging at some point if the boss decides to pull out a spin to win.
      F22: Glad to see the Queen back on a dailie basis, it is overall a really fun and enjoying fight. Challenging for the healer at some point to overheal the debuffs but with the 100% potion's it is pretty fine.

      In my opinion the loot for the time spent is good, nothing really to complain about at all. Really like the additional Key you get from Manaya now to open the Extreme Victory Box.
      Overall about the time spent and the entry limits per day:

      5 Entries per day seems quite fair (either you won't be able to do that 5 anyways or you will be kind of exhausted after those so you might not even want to do more :P )
      If everything goes smooth without wipes the time spent to go through the Dungeon is decent, could be a bit less but still on the level of "ok"

      Guess that's all i got for now.

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    • We are mods guys, we don't own individual point of views :lol:

      I can absolutely agree with the two.
      Very thankful for this oppertunity. Thx Atmorph :thumbup:

      Excited for DSU4(if we get it :whistling: )and all the changes that are probably coming! :thumbsup:
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    • Thread moved to a more appropriate section (lmao even tittle says "feedback", yet it's in the general section) and closed due to lack of arguable content (there was a beta testing period for a reason and feedback has already been collected, so further changes aren't considered). Or does this only happen when you decide to invent some rules?

      Why should anyone care about moderators feedback anyway? Don't you "pass it on" directly?

      I've already said denying this dungeon to less hardcore players is stupid and this weak, scheduled power buff obviously isn't the solution. If players can choose a difficulty mode in RK-9 HM which also affects loot received, it should've been made possible for DSU too. I'm not even going to mention the 3 difficulty levels for every single boss in Crucible of Flames.
    • Well, time for some feedback aswell, although I feel like I need to be more harsh towards some of the stuff that made it into this, so don't be mad just because my opinion might differ.

      F16: Well, it's like we know it, no big changes apart from inflated stats.

      F17: I don't know about you, but I simply HATE this boss. Unless you are a ranged DPS, a brawler, or have a lot of Iframes, it is frustrating to fight against, as no boss in the current state of the game has this amount of staggers and knockdowns. I mean, you could set its impact modifier to 0, but oh well.
      Other than that innate frustration factor, it's the Melkatran we all know and "love" (or, in my case, wholeheartedly hate).

      F18: Nothing special, although one of the bosses I enjoy more so than others, though I think the backsplitter should definately be a oneshot, right now I can just facetank it if it is enraged. Only frustrating attack is the stagger/knockdown + triple circle wave that he sometimes does as sometimes you have a lot of trouble to react to it.

      F19: A spiced up Meldita, I like it. No senseless greeding allowed unless you want to frustrate your tank and melee DPS.

      F20: ... Oh boy. I'm sorry, but I only have one word for this. HORRIBLE. I see where you are coming from, I like the idea and all, but the implementation is utterly horrible. First of all, Kelsaik desyncs like a madman, and I mean a literal madman. I can not count the amount of times that I just kept either charging through the boss or died while being WELL outside of range of certain oneshot attacks. Kelsaik camping inside puddles during shield is also not exactly a fun experience. At least increase the amount of time you have to break it... it is simply frustrating that you sometimes lose up to 20 seconds to him camping in a puddle simply because he queues up so many attacks.

      Like I said, good idea, horrible implementation.

      F21: Now this is hardcore, as it is a true DPS check for your entire party. Other than that, it is a Kaprima that we know, however, I am absolutely not a fan of the invisible In/Outs being oneshots, especially the "Vermin" one when Kaprima is under 25%. Sure, you can predict it, but sometimes you are simply out of options when it happens. In terms of damage received, speaking of a tank perspective, I think below 25%, it is slightly overboard without the Goddess Blessing buff. Even worse when Kaprima has more than 3 stacks. At the same percentages, Melee classes really start to struggle.

      Otherwise, nice boss, although it can sometimes become very frustrating.

      F22: Manaya as we all know and love her. Nothing to say other than that this boss alone makes me forget most of the frustration from the earlier bosses, even though she has a tendancy to be RNGesus herself and screw over the party at times (by positioning herself badly etc.). What I like is that unlike in earlier versions of Dreadspire, this one is much more unforgiving. Bad players can't get carried here (for the most part, at least).

      But nothing else needs to be said - it's Manaya after all.

      The loot is pretty good, but depending on how well the party does, sometimes not worth the time spent.

      Secret Boss: Honestly, I had a giggle. Always relaxing to go all out a bit on a damage pinata after defeating Manaya.

      All in all, I am satisfied. My problems with DSUEM are, first of all, Kelsaik, and secondly, that in my opinion, tanking DSU - as a lancer or warrior tank, not a brawler - is not near as fun as DPSing it. It feels not nearly as rewarding, as many bosses have frustrating stuff to deal with. Looking at you, Melkatran...
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    • The only stuggle for me are the invisible ice/fire fields at kelsaik.....:/
      No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.
      Denken ist schwer, darum urteilen die Meisten.
    • ^
      Warned for Spam incoming? (Nice edit by the time I finished my post @lady.kill)

      Why would the players care what do the game moderators think of their own game? It's biased, they wouldn't post complaints anyway, that would be the opposite of their job.

      I can imagine something along the lines of "We understand that DSU in its current state is flawed, give us feedback so we can fix it" instead of a "Yeah there are some flaws, but DSU is a really nice experience !! I like the additional loot too!" And now what?
    • We are moderators of the forum. Some of us are playing tera aswell. That's why we care for the forum and its rules.
      We are responsible for the forum that is our job. Doesn't mean we don't have a own opinion nor that we aren't allowed to share it.
      No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.
      Denken ist schwer, darum urteilen die Meisten.
    • Enjoymaker wrote:

      OK. Good that u enjoy the pve DSU . Im really glad. What do u think about pvp ? Please mods ur opinions in pvp are everything.
      There's no PvP full mods. That's the problem.

      I understand the dislike some people have with mods, but this is something I can't get behind. Bashing someone's feedback/arguments for what he/she is rather than what he/she said is a logical fallacy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem.
    • Sunflare wrote:

      I've already said denying this dungeon to less hardcore players is stupid and this weak, scheduled power buff obviously isn't the solution. If players can choose a difficulty mode in RK-9 HM which also affects loot received, it should've been made possible for DSU too. I'm not even going to mention the 3 difficulty levels for every single boss in Crucible of Flames.
      There's barely any "hardcore" content in the game anyway. There's no extreme hard mode for most dungeons and they're not interesting and not worth doing, thus "denying" all those dungeons to those who don't want to bore themselves doing faceroll content. Obviously it would be good if there were multiple difficulty options for everything, but that's never been happening.
    • It's the same old DSU, aka content completely deprived of originality and total imbalance of difficulty factor among ranged and melee classes.

      Nothing to see here, but I guess GF just plays with the tools they have available.