gunners performance in pve dmg

    • Gunner

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    • gunners performance in pve dmg

      im a returning player and i was wondering how the dps output of a gunner is in comparison to other classes. when i left tera i remembered it was pretty good, but i saw some dudes talking in all that dps pve gunners are trash.
      so, whats your opinion on that?
    • With top gear and really good gameplay you can somewhat get near to an average DPS of other Top DPS classes but that is in most cases very unlikely to achieve it. Gunner right now is at the middle/low end middle on the DPS Class rankings. There are still worse classes (Make Slayer great again).
      Overall its a decent DPS class still but for sure not something you can achieve the "Top" DPS with (compared to Valkyrie,Zerker,Warrior). :/ (occasionally Streaming)