Pinned Dreadspire (Upper floors) – Beta test

    • Hello,

      We would like to make the beta Test :)

      1/. Niami - Mystiker - Elin
      2/. Maiggy - Warrior - Elin
      3/. Xaption - Berserker - Human (male)
      4/. Asymin - Mage - Elin
      5/. Pîata - Lanzer - Popori

      We would like to accept the challenge and to be able to give you a great feedback :) <3
    • Hello,

      Here is our team for the beta test, ready to try this new season of DreadSpire ^^

      1. deadather (Lancer, male human)
      2. Kanôjo (Mystic, female castanic)
      3. Nitrique (Gunner, female castanic)
      4. Amadeus (Warrior, female castanic)
      5. Borismouchakov (Berserker, male human)

      Berzerker trash de Seren
    • hey hey hey,

      Our team is glad to see DSU back and would like to test and enjoy anything from new stuff to just plain ol' beating the snot out of those bosses (please replace kelloggs, even petrax is more challenging).
      We all have cleared each of the bosses there in their respective original dungeons and in DSU so we can provide probably any needed feedback and we are able to stream or record our runs for better bug/fault checking.

      Sanguirra (Brawler).
      Flyia (Gunner, Castanic).
      Mîss (Mystic, Castanic, Female).
      Raelkaertia (Archer, Castanic, Female).
      Topiary (Sorc, Elin).

      Thanks in advance,