Dreadspire (Upper floors) – Beta test

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    • Dreadspire (Upper floors) – Beta test

      Dear players,

      We have prepared a special edition of Dreadspire (Upper floors) and we need your help to conduct a closed beta test! This time we will invite you to our testserver.

      Are you part of a 5-player static group, and would like to playtest the changes?
      Then sign yourself and your mates up now using this thread until this Friday 10 AM (CET)

      We’ll select a few groups amongst the applicants and then send you all needed information via forum PM.

      Important! You will also need:
      • TERA on Steam: as the testserver will only be available there (if you start downloading the normal Tera there now, your patch will be smaller ;) )
      • Discord: to get information, discuss and give feedback! (PS: communication will be in English)
      Thank you in advance and we wish you a lot of fun!
      The TERA Team


      Additional Information:
      • Do I need to link or register my TERA Account to steam?
        No, once you are invited you will get access to a separate steam beta branch and account credentials for a testserver account.Those systems are not connected with the TERA Live servers.
      • I already play through steam normally will i loose my account?
        No, as the systems are separate you can have a steam link to both the TERA Live servers and the Testserver at the same time.
        You can only have one version of TERA active on Steam at once. So you will have to switch that (and patch) everytime you want to change from Testserver to Liveserver.But you can switch as many times as you want.
      • Will we have our characters/gear from live?
        No, currently our plan is to prepare one Character for you of your main class (maybe also mention your preferred race when applying) with Max Level and Top Tier Gear.We also plan to make it possible for you to choose everything (like Rolls, Etchings, Crystals, ...) to your liking.
      • When will the testing happen?
        Initial testing will already start this weekend (friday evening) and the servers will stay available for potential additional tests the following days and weekends.
      Product Community Manager
      Tera Europe @_athena_gf
    • 1. Get.Hit (Baraka Lancer)
      2. Kapyon (Female Castanic Valkyrie)
      3. Askavi (Female Castanic Archer)
      4. Annmazing (Elin Sorc)
      5. Cezora (Elin Mystic)

      We all have been playing since 2012 and pretty much did every content Tera has to offer. Everyone were addicted to DSU1-3 and DSU-BSE can only be better.
      We are looking forward to play testing and providing proper feedbacks.

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    • 1. Nyântâ (Brawler / Popori :3)
      2. Faramina (Warrior / Castanic Female)
      3. Nebulak (Lunar / Elin :3)
      4. Mimi (Myst / Elin)
      5. Bijorde (Mage / Elin)
      We are all playing since forever - at least - progress orientated, spammed DSU 2+3 and want to take the challenge. Also pretty dedicated for testing :lol:
      We would love to test it and report back to you with feedback and everything that belongs to it.
      There are only two paths you can choose. You can sit quietly and be selected out of this world, or you can adapt and change.

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    • 1. Canikizu (Lancer High Elf Male)
      2. Rapid.Fire (Archer Elin)
      3. Soul.Scythe (Valkyrie Castanic (LUL))
      4. Strîkzz (Warrior Castanic F)
      5. Sehraphïe (Mystic Castanic F)

      All playing for a long time now. Kinda hyped for DSU so we are happy to provide testing and feedback :love:

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    • Hi,

      With this application I will convince you to choose us to test the dungeon we all love "Dreadspire Uppers".

      These are our members in our static:

      1) Seksprocent, Male High Elf - Lancer
      2) Cairu(now named: Umi), Elin - Berserker
      3) Largo, Female Castanic - Warrior
      4) Isabelva, Elin - Priest
      5) Conti, Elin - Mystic

      A small description of the different individuals in our static:

      Seksprocent, also known as Koioss the Dominator, this man, beast, tyrant has always been known as the epitome of Lancer. His skills are rivaled by no one and he's a role model for every aspiring lancer on TERA EU. This guy not only breaks records, but he SHATTERS them. Every lancer is trying to hit 70HPM on Spring Attack, while Seksprocent is already at 77HPM on Phase 2 Harrowhold, this guy is a living script. He will always be the pillar of this community, and he strives to keep the reputation as the pillar of this community by hugging all the pillars in 3v3 on a daily basis.

      Cairu, also known as Umi the God, when TERA EU needed it the most, Cairu appeared from nowhere and broke all the records. While EU was struggling behind the 2.0 injected NA players, Cairu said: "I'll overcome this", he not only surpassed NA, he DOMINATED them. Cairu was the shining light EU needed and deserved. He is also the keeper of Global chat and is overall a very nice guy. He creates friendship, he brings Killian together, he mended broken bonds between DMZ and Tsunami.

      Largo, also known as Trash Warrior and CDR Scum. The OG Warrior God for EU, until the Prodigy Xyloid came. This guy deals the utmost damage in every single instances, he plays risky, but he keeps getting away with it. If there is a window to put some DPS down, you will find Largo there. This man came back to TERA with a goal, a vision and he WILL enlighten us peasants once again.

      Conti, the Reputation Ruiner, what every Mystics fails to do Conti does it naturally. DPSing, healing, mana, supporting, she does everything at the highest level. Unlike Eclia. Ins, outs, waves, Conti got you. Without Conti on the team, Seks would have no kebabs, we would have no heals and no supporting. She has shown that she is a independant woman by shutting down outside sources that tried to ruin our runs. Conti is regarded as the BEST Mystic to ever exist.

      Isabelva, ya shes an alright player.

      We are very motivated and stuff like that. Dungeon gonna be cleared within max 2 hours.

      Also I am very trustworthy, still havent leaked Atmorphs secrets from GF BBQ.

      Cairu :)

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    • 1. Cataklysma, Castanic female (Lancer)
      2. Yunfang, Elin (Warrior)
      3. Sleeperino, Elin (Warrior)
      4. Gelbôo, Elin (Berserker)
      5. Mini, Elin (Mystic)

      Every1 of us cleared this dungeon countless times and farmed it during the multiple appereances of DSU in the past. A few of us already farmed Manaya when she showed up during MC HM.
      We would be happy to test the Dungeon and give constructive feedback to give other players a chance to enjoy it even more.


    • 1. Pinkamena (Elin, Lancer)
      2. Volturi (Elin, Archer)
      3. Chickenpls (Castanic, Gunner)
      4. Medaka (Elin, Ninja)
      5. Loli (Elin, Mystic)

      We all are experienced on dungeons like DSU and MCHM, since we've been playing for a long time, and cleared DSU, even if not in Gameforge's servers. We are very dedicated, we'll do our best while testing and reporting issues.

    • 1. Gnomi --> Lancer
      2. Tûara --> Gunner
      3. Cela --> Valkyrie
      4. Mouha --> Archer
      5. Ladymîcaiah --> Priest

      We are really hyped for the Dungeon and would like to test it out! :)
      Mouha - Archer
      Muoha - Gunner
      Kriah - Warrior
    • Hello!
      We would love to attend aswell.
      We are playing Tera for a very long time already and trying out the extreme mode of our favourite dungeon would be a pleasure.

      Lockdôwn Lancer Highelf
      Xero.san Lunar Dancer Castanic
      Hisona Mage Elin
      tobthekingx Bezerk Aman ♥
      ladykill Mystic Castanic
      No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.
      Denken ist schwer, darum urteilen die Meisten.
    • Hello!
      My Team and I would also like to try out the Dungeon beforehand (since the last Extreme Dungeon was aswell fun to test ;) )

      Vanquished (New Name: Reset.Router) - Lancer - High Elf Male
      Apricot - Sorcerer - Elin
      Shoyurichi - Ninja
      Mae - Warrior - Castanic Female
      Ruxî - Mystic - Elin
      twitch.tv/ariikato (occasionally Streaming)
    • Hello,
      Our party setup is next:

      1) Hugra.plis (Lancer, Elf male)
      2) Happily (Mystic, Elin)
      3) Felata (Archer, Castanic female)
      4) Nyanyami (Reaper)
      5) Centeko (Warrior, Baraka)

      All of the above people are playing Tera for years now and cleared every content offered to us. We are more than ready for new challenge and are happy to help!
      • [Killian] Alabastör - High Elf Male Lancer
      • [Mystel] Vextrasystole - Elin Gunner
      • [Killian] Horyshet - Elin Ninja - THE ONE AND ONLY, THE LEGEND HIMSELF (he asked for this part)
      • [Killian] Huimiing - Elin Priest
      • [Mystel] Coccole - Elin Mystic
      Most of us have been losing our entire lives over Dreadspire together since the second season and we'd like to give the Beta a shot. Even though we now are from different servers (I GOT TOLD WE CAN STILL APPLY AS A PARTY) me and Horyshet would love to revive the memories of when he moved to Killian as a complete no one from his unknown French server - just to be able to clear Dreadspire - by running our favourite dungeon together, again, for the last time. We value friendship over anything. (proves it the fact that we're running Double Heal with a Ninja and a Gunner)
      Everyone has been complaining about how the dungeons should be adjusted in order to let every single kind of party setup be able to clear and our HORRIBLE team comp is exactly what you need. What everyone needs. Screw Valkyries and solo heal parties.



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