Loot in RK Extreme Mode

    • Loot in RK Extreme Mode

      Is there any possibilities to get better loot in RK EM?

      At the moment, it only drops mats(non-tradeable) that's going to be literally useless when ur done enchanting ur gear.
      Adding some stuff that we can sell would make running this actually worth it, or else its prob going to end up in a fiasco like VSHM.

      Perhaps we can have 100% drop on gems for individuals or something ? ? ?

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      VSHM and other 5* dungeons before it at least had 18 mwa from boxes and 18mwa/1semi gold from the elleon marks, while this one doesn't really give any reliable gold income at all. With the Lakan's treasure chests and the vanguard quest reward you could say around 5000 gold per run (killian values).

      In comparison now, there's just the vanguard quest as guaranteed reward. That's 750 gold. Occasional drops include pure titan's storm/fire/etc, etching 3s and gems, but none of those are guaranteed, none of them are party loot and the etching materials and etching 3s are not really in high demand.

      Additionally to that, the bosses appear be more tanky and you need to invest more time into running, even when accounting for the fact that the dungeon is still new.
    • If you dont like the loot dont do this dung.
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