Ebola - International Top-Tier Elitist Guild of Killian

    • Ebola - International Top-Tier Elitist Guild of Killian

      Hello fellow Killianians,

      Ebola is opening its doors for new members as of 6th November 2017, as we had a minor setback cause of people who failed to understand our visions.
      We currently have spot for 1 Lancer, 3 DDs and 1 Mystic.

      We are aiming to keep holding our status on Killian up as the top-notch world bam stealing, top dps and best quality guild.


      1) Dont play any of these classes: Ninja, Priest, Brawler, Zerk tank, War tank or Slayer.

      2) Do more than 3m/s + on RK9(for now)

      3) Steal atleast 1 World BAM and tell people in global, especially if its Continue.

      4) Be god at the game PvE-wise, PvP is dead anyways.

      5) Dont suffer a medical condition thats not catered towards the vision of greatness that Ebola has.
      ps: no frenchies

      Whisper our recruitment manager in-game Cairu


      :elin5: :elin40:
    • Update:

      Since RKEM is out, which proved to be a very easy dungeon to clear.
      Our new requirements to join the guild is 3m/s+ on RKEM.

      Also if you didnt manage to clear RKEM on first day, ur chances drops significantly.

      Whisper Cairu in-game for a friendly talk.
    • Hello Cairu, :elin31:

      I see you didn't answer yet to the previous question, :elin25: but is kinda true.

      Since I am playing Mystic, what are the requirements to join Ebola ? :elin4: Can I join if I'm doing 150k/s on Nightmare Ventarun or whatever this bullshit boss name is ??? :elin8:
      Never actually tried to get decent runs on last boss cause always trap parties ... :elin11: :elin15:

      I saw you were running with :elin19: no name mystic :elin19: that doesn't know what rare glyph is on Contagion (one of the best Mystic's skill, just a non toxic reminder) :elin19: :elin19: :elin19:

      So well :elin5:

      Thanks for your answer Ebola recruitment manager. :elin21: :elin2: :elin37: :elin36:
      bad mystic here please don't remove
      my signature it really exists just open your eyes !!
    • Greetings,

      as of now(20th November 2017) the requirements for tanks are:

      1) 1,4m/s dps

      2) Hit ur enrage

      3) Not prestack like an idiot
      aka no cheating no title trash
      For mystics:

      1) Not be a dps mystic that messes up every single mechanic
      aka go away eclia
      2) Aura crits which yields a higher than 80% TS for the berserkers
      noyn trash aura
      3) KDA of more than 10 in CU

      • Cairu :elin5:
    • Hi,

      I'm a mystic main and
      1) I don't dps instead of doing mechanics.
      2) My aura is pretty on point as you can see here:
      3) I have a KDA of 13,37 in CU.
      I hope I can join Ebola, since I feel like I match the requirements.
      Thank you.

      Feel the goodness within you
      Let your heart light shine~ <3

      :elin1: :elin37: :elin2: :elin28: :elin39: :elin22: :elin24: