Talk about the new classes ,Ninja, Reaper, Brawler, Etc, And Gender Locks.

    • Talk about the new classes ,Ninja, Reaper, Brawler, Etc, And Gender Locks.

      Helloooo everyone of the Tera community this is a message for the staffs or devs that are reading this or would read this. I was checking out this game and seen how the New Classes were gender locked i was excited but got slightly disappointed. Why were the classes gender locked and can you please Add Males to the Classes it would help a lot? I've seen so many comments everywhere about how people quit this game just because of a gender lock or race lock. It would help so much if you would to remove that please for everyone's sake please. Everyone customizes their character by how they are and they would want that character to represent them. Nobody would want to represent themselves as a girl (not that Females are bad...they aren't) that is not who they are. *ADDING MALE TO THE CLASSES WOULD MAKE A "HUGE" DIFFERENCE* it will i guarantee it. I hope you guys understand how it feels to not be able to express yourself fully through that and keep up the good work on the game its amazing. Just keep this in mind.

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      On another note. You should get used to it. Female characters (including Elin) are played more often in general than male ones, at least in this game. That's the reason they get exclusive classes while males do not (except that Human M Brawler which will be coming soon, but yeah).
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