Experiencing extreme lag after a short period of playing, help?

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    • Experiencing extreme lag after a short period of playing, help?


      I just started playing Tera again, and I'm having extreme lag. When I open and play the game, everything's fine, but after about 10-15 minutes of playing, it gets extremely laggy, unresponsive, and there's a lot of audio glitching as well. My PC outside of Tera also gets laggy when this is happening. My specs are more than enough to handle the game, too:

      GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 970
      CPU: Intel Core i5-4440
      RAM: 8GB
      OS: Windows 10 64bit

      I already tried adding C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA and the Tl.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA\Client as an exclusion to Windows Defender, but it doesn't help.

      Help would be greatly appreciated.
    • It's not overheating, I checked it and I have a decent cooling system which has never caused problems with other games. However, the lag does go away immediately after I close Tera.
    • If you're going to set permissions on Windows Defender or w/e (I hate AVs) you should probably do it on C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA\Client\Binaries since that's where the main executable is.

      Showing a screenshot of your Task Manager when it "glitches" and rest of PC "is laggy" would help, along with temperatures of your CPU and GPU at that time. (include CPU use/memory use/paging use)
    • I'm currently not near my PC, will check again around friday-saturday.

      I do remember that both my CPU and disk usage were like 50-60% while playing Tera. Outside of that it gets very low, around 0-5%.
    • Okay, so I tried adding C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA\Client\Binaries to Windows Defender, and installed the Fall Creators update right after that, and that seems to fix it. However, for some reason I hear some slight white noise coming from my PC when playing the game (it's also present in the game). It starts on the character select screen, and goes away immediately if I close, minimize or switch to another program besides Tera. Why is that? My fans don't seem to be the issue, which I thought at first.
    • Noise from PC components or from headphones/speakers? If it's from components, it's probably your graphics card. The character selection screen doesn't use the CPU much (unlike rest of the game), so the GPU usage is very high there, relatively speaking to rest of TERA. Does this noise happen in very GPU-demanding games too?

      If it's not from the GPU fan(s), then it could be a big problem (or not), nobody knows unless you take it to inspection if it's still in warranty. There's also the case where it's "no big deal" and it will work for years still and taking it there would break it (yeah, those guys aren't always the most cautious). :crazy:
    • Borsuc wrote:

      Noise from PC components or from headphones/speakers?

      I can hear the noise coming from the PC faintly, but there's also some noise in the game music.

      Borsuc wrote:

      Does this noise happen in very GPU-demanding games too?

      I can play games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim just fine at their maximum quality settings, without noise. They're the most demanding games I have played (don't really play that many games).
    • Borsuc wrote:

      Yeah but do you get the same noise when playing those games? Is the GPU utilized to the same extent? (it should come with some application to monitor this)
      No, I don't get any noise at all. Not sure if the GPU is utilized as much, don't have the games installed at the moment. (Last time I played was a few months ago)
    • I would think it's overheating. The poor game performance could be due to your gpu/cpu dropping it's performance in order to stay cool and not get damaged. Do you have lots of dust inside your computer and around the fans? Dust buildup can start causing damage after some 2-3 years. Is the room your computer in very hot? Is the airflow around the computer good? Ideally the computer should be isolated from other objects and not be in direct contact with anything, at least not at the back panel where there's usually the main airhole. Also lack of/incorrecly applied/bad quality/run out thermal paste is something often suggested to be a cause of problems. Applying a thin layer of paste could possibly allow lower temperatures. Could also be power supply caused issue.

      Since you say you don't play much other games, you should try. You say you play skyrim and fallout? Do you have lots of graphical mods? Skyrim/fallout without mods are quite lightweight.

      (Ignore this part if you do have lots of graphical mods including a demanding enb and have no issues)
      Downloading something like



      Kountervibe Extreme version should immediately put your framerate below 30 (I tried that with gtx 770 a few years ago and I didn't even get 10fps in some places with some 1k/2k texture replacers). If you try something like that, will your computer make a lot of noise as well?

      You should also try downloading something like GPU-Z or MSI afterburner, they're easy to use and you will see the temperature of your gpu, and cpu temperatures with the afterburner as well.

      If your TERA is on a different drive than your other games, that could also be the reason it's only tera that's causing problems. Faulty Hard drive or something transferring poorly between drives maybe, idk.

      My gtx 770 started getting really hot at it's late days, it was nearly 100 degrees celsius in tera at minimum settings lol (max settings started having really low fps and general poor performance as well). It was also making some pretty nasty noises when the fans were at 100% all the time. When it gets that bad, the gpu will be dead pretty fast and you can see almost daily difference in performance.
    • Alright, it's probably not gpu overheating then. Your fans aren't even hitting 30% speed and highest reading isn't even 70 degrees.
      You should also check cpu temperatures and try to get gpu temperatures when the "lagginess" happens.

      Game slowing down after a few minutes of playing is commonly overheating issue so I would check this problem throroughly first, especially since there's noise included.

      It could also be memory related.
    • Is there a program for checking CPU temperatures like GPU-Z? I tried CPU-Z but I can't seem to find it there.

      Also, I have 8GB DDR3 RAM, so that may be it too, not 100% sure.
    • I don't think that's the problem, I don't use (or own) any controller. Tera did detect one the first time I launched it for some reason, but I disabled the autodetect controller option. I guess I will give it a shot, though.