PvP BGs queues not workin?

    • PvP BGs queues not workin?

      Hello all,

      Just came back to game after a long break and rolled onto the new EN server, Sikander. I've hit 65 and keep queuing for FC and CS bgs but they rarely ever pop up, especially FC. I got 3 CS queues, two of which were bugged and didn't teleport me in the instance, only 1 worked.

      Is there some issues with the PVP queues or is PVP dead in eu? I'm just wondering, cause my pve dungeon queues pop very quickly.

    • I guess most players are just prioritizing jackpot rewards over casual pvp.

      Check this thread to know which BGs you should queue to.
      Jackpot in Battlegrounds - Timers

      Unless you synced your queue times with these time frames. Then I have no idea. :\
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    • Ninjii wrote:

      Is there some issues with the PVP queues or is PVP dead in eu?
      Both are correct. There are old known issues with Battlegrounds matching, specially regarding CS where many times it simply fail and nobody can get inside the battleground and are forced to disband. This is frustrating specially when you are on queue for a long time. PvP is literally dead, only during jackpot hours from Glacial post will give you consistent pops for the sole reason that its the only times these battlegrounds are rewarding. You may pop CS once in a while out of jackpot hours, but its a long shot in the dark and the queue times will be distasteful.
    • Is there no chance for pvp at all? I'm not expecting to be able to do 20-30 bgs per day like a few years ago, but really it's only active when event rewards are there? Is Gameforge not gonna do anything to incentive players? Like add permanent great rewards for doing pvp..?

      It's a great combat system wasted to half of its potential if so :<
    • Well people just aren't that interested in pvp anymore. BHS also removed pvp gear and credits from battlegrounds, I'm pretty sure pvp is almost nonexistent in KR version, don't think they even have jackpot events like we do, probably the reason why there hasn't been any pvp updates for a long time. If anyone is thinking about of getting serious in pvp in this game, you probably shouldn't imho. There is still people who would like to do pvp content but sadly I think the korean players dont care about it at all and won't demand anything from the devs in regard of the pvp content. Feedback and suggestions from EU/NA versions player base falls on deaf ears.

      If they they really wanted to "fix" pvp, it would require some efford from BHS, gameforge can do something but the real effort would need to come from the developer.
      They could try to unlock CS back to lvl 30-65 and add 5-man party que and give like half of the current rewards(gear xp + maybe add some gems) and keep the event on 24/7. Add some increased rewards(gems, gearxp) for those other bg events like FW and 3v3 that happen during their 3-hour event schedule. This way people wouldn't just que CS forever and ignore all other battlegrounds like it used to be few years ago. Pretty sure Gameforge could edit those events and rewards themselves but some other fixes like the level range and 5-man party would require some effort from the developer as well.

      Well these are just my ramblings but oh well
    • So if I wanted to do what little pvp there is, I'd have to see what events are active when for BGs-Arenas? Or what would be the best way to go about it..?

      EDIT: I'm only asking because half of the reason why I wanted to get back into the game was pvp. Same for my friends and we don't see us going too hardcore and we might switch to casual if that's the case :<