Complete TERA EU dungeons/instances list

    • Complete TERA EU dungeons/instances list

      I hope this is the right place to post this so recently I've made a list of all TERA EU dungeons/instances for anyone interested to know all dungeons from previous patches. I've shared this to my guild discord but I think it would better if everyone can see it as well. :)

      This is the link:…vNLQ-zdg/edit?usp=sharing
    • Thanks for your effort! Funny to get reminded about some real old school dungeons :phatgrin:
      I just realized how much I miss Rifts Edge..Damn it was my starter 10 player dungeon :D
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    • you can add

      level 65 Monkeydrome / Skyring mark V equalised solo (5v5) / Skyring solo (3v3) equalised aswell as Skyring team unequalised (3v3) / Corsair's stronghold 20 players premade / Fraywind canyon equalised aswell as Fraywind canyon 15 players premade.

      the Savarash level 58 version aswell as the first ghilliglade level 60 and the Crucible of flame (lvl60).
    • In addition to Monkeydrome, Gridiron is also missing.

      In addition to CoF and the non-premium Ghillieglade, the 5-man version of alliance vault is missing. Also, HH had a 30-man version.

      Saravash's Ascent was called Ascent of Saravash before, by the way.
    • Some stuff:

      - ACHM (at least during MCHM era) was for ILv147 instead of 155.
      - ABNM & ABHM did exist before that Gearscore update, so no 355 and 409 respectively - I need to look it up though since I don't remember the exact ILv.
      - KNHM was for ILv147 (or 142?)during MCHM era as well, If I remember it right.
      - SSHM had a ILv417 version as well during VM8 content.
      - Akasha's Hideout HM had about an ILv requirement close to LoTHM and EHT HM, so I guess it's safe to say it's for Lv48-60.
      - Crucible of Flame (ILv145) is missing completely.

      Good work though. I would have had my problems collecting all that data.
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