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      lSorel wrote:

      Another "GAMEOVER" wave coming i think.And yeah i played 3 days and all i see is clearly p2w game vs "nolifer farmers".

      And can anybody tell me why they added new servers ? What was the point like really?
      to have new jokes
      back in times we used to say ppl from french servers are not best
      but those 3 new is a whole new lvl
      tanks not keeping aggro healer not healing and so on
      ppl like that would just die at normal servers, they needed some friendly environment
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      Eternyawar wrote:


      Still no news about vanguard enchantement chest ?
      And will diamonds be cash shop only for the whole patch or you plan to implement them as dungeon loot ?

      Thx in advance,
      Diamonds do drop in RK9, albeit at an extremely low rate. I've seen only one in 29 runs... And of course not as group loot.