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    • So im confused about going to Mystel server or Sikander the new one... Idk what to do? I want to know opinion ppl which play here longer if they reroll or move their chars on new server or stay on old one. Cheers! :elin32: :elin14:
    • Well on Mystel you have an already existing community and Sikander there isn't one.
      I myself would prefer Mystel.
      Rechtsschreibfeler? Kenn ick nicht. Kann man dass Essen?

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    • The problem with a new server is :
      -if you are new it will be hard to find ppl who can help you if needed since server transfer is not aviable right now
      - veteran players won't go to the server since all the characters are on the old ones.
      - there is no community at all - finding grps on lvl 65 will be hard -> especially because no one has gear in the beginning
      - lots of "new players" on new server. No or minimum knowledge about the game
      - no stuff in the tradebroker - everything will be expensive

      Just to name a few..

      Can suggest you to go on one "old" server and if you are more confident with the game itself and your class you can still consider to transfer. So there will be atleast a small community+economy after a few months.
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